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Sharples Shake-Up

Old Favorites Make Exciting New Deals It’s the first week back! The health center is renovated, Worth courtyard is spruced up, and the first-years are wide-eyed and fresh-faced. But for all these changes, our old faithful Sharples is still serving up familiar fare. Some may welcome having food at their fingertips again, especially for those… Keep Reading

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Back to School Reading Tips

Welcome back, Swatties! After a long, hopefully rejuvenating summer vacation, it is time to answer the call of academia and return to the Swat grind. Though the specific demands of our workloads may vary, we each face long to-do lists that include completing coursework, attending meetings and practices and maintaining the friendships we built at… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Breaking the ice with Swarthmore’s RAs

Breaking the ice: a look at RA orientation As first-years, it’s easy think that the Swarthmore experience begins the instant you set foot on campus, waving the plane/train/automobile that delivered you to academic salvation off into the haze of Philadelphia. However, for the alphabet soup of upperclassmen who facilitate the transition to Swarthmore for the… Keep Reading

Inherit the Wind: Obama and the economy

As legend has it, Rip van Winkle woke up from a 20-year snooze to find America had won the Revolutionary War. Colonial portraits of George III were replaced with the humbler George Washington. Flip your storybook forward to 2012. The United States is still nodding toward its small-“R” republican roots, but the President keeps speechifying… Keep Reading

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