The Phoenix’s Policies

General Editorial Policies

The Phoenix staff recognizes that the newspaper’s audience is a small campus community; therefore, reporters and editors continue to strive for a balance between reporting events accurately and respecting the privacy of community members.

Given The Phoenix’s status as a community newspaper, and given the fact that it is staffed completely by students, students are urged to respect the boundaries of business and personal life in dealing with concerns about the paper or its content. Members of The Phoenix are deeply committed to maintaining open dialogue with students in a healthy and appropriate context. Thus, any threats or harassment of Phoenix staff will duly be considered serious.

Web Concerns

No Phoenix content will be withheld from web publication or removed from the site due to privacy concerns.

Staff Editorials

Staff editorials reflect the opinion of the editorial board, which excludes board members who by default operate in a non-editorial capacity, including editors emeriti and the webmaster. The members of the editorial board can be found on the masthead page.

Letters and Op-Eds

Letters and opinion pieces represent the views of their writers and not those of The Phoenix staff or Editorial Board. The Phoenix reserves the right to edit all pieces submitted for print publication for length clarity, and factual accuracy. The Phoenix does not edit op-ed or letter submissions for content. The Phoenix also reserves the right to withhold any letters or op-eds from publication.

The Phoenix does not accept anonymous submissions of letters or op-eds. The senior editors may choose to publish submissions without the writer’s name in exceptional circumstances. In no case will The Phoenix publish the name of anyone submitting a letter or op-ed with a request for anonymous publication. Letters may be signed by a maximum of five individuals. Op-eds may be signed by a maximum of two individuals. The Phoenix will not accept pieces exclusively attributed to groups, although individual writers may request that their group affiliation be included.

Please submit letters and report corrections to: or

The Phoenix
Swarthmore College
500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Web Comments

The Phoenix encourages the discussion of stories in our publication on our website as well as in letters to the editor. We do ask, however, that in commenting on stories on our website you follow a few guidelines to keep the discussion courteous.

While we approve most comments, we reserve the right not to approve any comment. In general, we do not approve comments that are:

  • Hateful
  • A personal attack or an attack on a particular group of people
  • Spam
  • Otherwise inappropriate

We reserve the right to close comments on certain articles and remove comments.

We do not edit comments before publishing them, and will generally not do so upon request after publication either. You must provide a real email address when posting a comment, otherwise it will not be approved. Your email address will not be made public.

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