An Analysis of “La La Land’s” Ending

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers regarding the film “La La Land.” Ever since I began writing the Artist of the Week, I’ve found myself asking my friends for a script of questions whenever we sit down for dinner. ‘What’s your favorite

Swarthmore Athletics Weekly Recap:

Men’s Tennis: Swarthmore College: 9, Stevens College: 0 On Sunday, March 26, men’s tennis faced the Stevens Institute of Technology at home in the Mullan Tennis Center. The No. 29 ranked Garnet defeated the No. 38 ranked Ducks dominantly, winning all three

Athlete of the Week: Avery McClure ’26

Avery McClure ’26, a freshman from Bolivar, MO, was an integral part of Swarthmore softball’s success against Neumann University on Sunday, March 26. The second baseman had two runs batted in (RBI) and four put-outs (PO) in the first of two games

The Swarthmore Sandwich Scandal

If you ask someone to define a sandwich, odds are they are going to say something along the lines of “two slices of bread with some sort of filling in between.” Oh, you can debate endlessly over the gray areas — is

The Crum and I

March 8, 2023 At 6:00 p.m., the sun hangs low, painting the skyline with multiple shades of reddish-orange. I have just left Essie’s, but instead of walking back to my dorm as I always do after a meal, I’m staring dumbfounded into

The Phoenix