I’m Running for President

Of the United States of America, of course. There is a great deal of current consternation over whether Donald J. Trump is eligible to serve as President of the United States again. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates that individuals

Engineering and Liberal Arts: Coke and Mentos?

With the official release of Swarthmore Forward, the college initiates its next phase of strategic planning. According to the plan, “…members of the Swarthmore community have studied, deliberated, and envisioned the College’s future”. By my count, planning included the work of 34

A Wake-Up Call

A recent poll from respected pollster Angus Reid shows that 46% of Democrats won’t accept the 2024 election results if Joe Biden doesn’t win – and 7% will doubt the results no matter the victor. The problem for American democracy is not

After Students For Fair Admission, We Must End Legacy Admissions

This summer, the Supreme Court decided to gut affirmative action, calling into question the practices of admissions offices across the country, including Swarthmore’s. Swarthmore’s admissions process is guided by a commitment to “living in a community of people with diverse backgrounds.” After

Swarthmore Faculty on Academic Freedom and the Gaza Crisis

Drafted: December 11, 2023 As faculty members at Swarthmore College, we are deeply concerned about the erosion of academic freedom in the United States, particularly in regards to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Over the past few weeks, we have learned that

Trends from Global Re-Elections: The People Are Restless

Since June of this year, only one prime minister and no presidents have been freely reelected. In eleven other free and fair elections, incumbents and their parties have lost reelection, failing to present their case to voters. In fact, in 2023 as

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