Swarthmore College Alumni Open Letter

To the Swarthmore College administration: We write to you as a collective of alumni who are deeply devastated and outraged by Israel’s ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, as well as the escalation of state-sanctioned violence against Palestinians living in the rest

Ben Williams ’99: Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, According to the page for the Board of Managers at the Swarthmore College site, the Board consists of 34 people, all of whom were appointed to their positions on the Board of Managers by previous members of the Board

David Boonin: Letter to the Editor

Editor’s Note: David Boonin is a member of the Swarthmore Borough Council. To the editor, As a local elected official, several residents of Swarthmore voiced concern to me about the pro-Palestinian encampment at Swarthmore College. I was hearing that Jewish students were


It’s Time for the College to Listen

It is not hyperbole to say that these are historic times. We are in the midst of the largest student protest movement since the Vietnam War. Institutions such as Swarthmore will be remembered for their actions in moments like these. We, therefore,


Biden Should Be Removed from the Ballot

A minor hullabaloo has been made about the fact that Biden might be removed from the Ohio ballot this year. In case you missed it: the Democratic Party scheduled their convention too late to meet a procedural deadline, and thus Biden may

Wacky Spring Traditions at Other Colleges

As the end of the school year approaches, bringing with it festive traditions such as Worthstock and Primal Scream, I couldn’t help but wonder what some “quirky” spring/end-of-year traditions are at other colleges. In the process, I found some truly wacky ones

Something is Broken in British Politics

The United Kingdom is plagued by a dearth of political imagination. Since the late 1980s, Britain has been propelled by governments less interested in making substantial change than regurgitating a narrow set of policies and theories to diminishing returns. Thatcherism, characterized by

Daniel Kurtzer: Letter to the Editor

Editor’s note: The March 28th article in question has been amended and a correction has been issued. To the editor, I just saw your article on my talk at Swarthmore – “Former Israeli Ambassador Kurtzer Faces Pushback During Lecture”– published on March

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