SGO: A Refreshing Perspective

As a person who was never involved in student government in high school, joining the Student Government Organization (SGO) at Swarthmore was something new for me. I knew I wanted to make a difference, particularly in the realm of student life on

Honor is Better Than Honors

“Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam/and admit that the waters around you have grown/and accept it or soon you’ll be drenched to the bone/for the times they are a-changin’.”  With the rainy days we’ve had on Wednesday and Thursday, Bob Dylan’s

Give Us Consistent Floor Plans!

The other day as I walked to class, studied in Kohlberg, and ate in Narples, housing appeared to be the main topic on everyone’s mind. This was especially true, it seemed, on Wednesday, as rising juniors continued to create and discard plans


Campaigning at Swarthmore

As a former member of both the Student Budgeting Committee (SBC) and the Student Government Organization (SGO), I’ve now run three campaigns for office here at Swarthmore. I have tabled each and every time. The very first time I campaigned, one of

A Brief Overview of April Fools at Swarthmore

To the untrained eye, Swarthmore appears a serious place of hard work and earnest dedication. Swatties sit quietly in Sci Commons laboring away silently at their differential equations problem sets like good Quakers. Once a year, however, Swarthmore students take some time

Nationalists Surge in Elections Across Europe

It used to be that a particular section of southern Portugal was dominated by the Communist Party. In elections, that region would be won by the communists, while the rest of the country elected socialists and conservatives. That era is now over.

It’s Time for Swarthmore to Tell Us Our GPAs

Swarthmore prides itself on fostering a community of collaborative, not competitive, learning. As of this point in my sophomore year, I agree that the college has been relatively successful in creating an academic environment in which intellectual curiosity is rewarded over the

The College is Making Printing Better

There’s no question that Swarthmore is unique. If you take your time to get to know any student on campus, you’re certain to discover a treasure trove of hidden talents—a popular, yet mostly anonymous, book reviewer with a trinket-selling side business; an