Spring 2021

Anatole Shukla ’22, Editor-in-Chief
Anatole Shukla is a junior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, majoring in Economics and Linguistics & Russian Language. He is an avid birder and Canada goose apologist. (The bird, not the jackets!)

Best Chantanapongvanij ’23, Managing Editor
Best Chantanapongvanij is a sophomore from Ang Thong, Thailand and is planning to study English Literature and Computer Science. He thoroughly enjoys watching Pixar animations, taking photos, and going on long strolls.

Bess Markel ’22, Managing Editor
Bess Markel is a junior from Ann Arbor MI. In her free time she enjoys listening to too many podcasts and rewatching the West Wing.

Shelby Dolch ’21, Editor-at-Large
Shelby Dolch is from Montana and is a double Major in Peace and Conflict Studies and Black Studies. They are a photographer in their spare time and watch too many horror films.

Trina Paul ’21, Editor Emerita
Trina Paul is a senior from Pittsburg, Kansas, majoring in economics. When she’s not editing and writing, she enjoys baking, sewing clothing, and crocheting.

Cami Brix ’23, News Editor
In addition to her primary role as co-news editor, Cami is a sophomore and a prospective Economics and History major at the college. She enjoys reporting, cooking, hiking, antiquing, and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Nicole Daly ’23, News Editor
Nicole Daly is a sophomore from Stuart, FL majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology and Gender/ Sexuality Studies. She is into crocheting, journaling, and cows.

Neel Gupta ’23, Opinions Editor
Neel Gupta is a junior from Los Altos, CA studying English and Computer Science. Outside of the Phoenix, he enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends.

Robert KiaNouri-Zigmund ’21, Opinions Editor
Robert KiaNouri-Zigmund is a Junior from Glenside, PA, studying Peace and Conflict studies. Outside of the Phoenix he enjoys creative writing, activism, and boxing.

Grace Dignazio ’22, Sports Editor
Grace Dignazio is a junior from Greenville, Delaware studying English and Philosophy. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, online shopping, and watching a lot of reality TV.

Gabby Trevino ’23, Arts Editor
Gabby Trevino is a sophomore from Tacoma, WA studying film and history. She doesn’t have a favorite movie, really.

Hannah Watkins ’21, Campus Journal Editor
Hannah Watkins grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her interests include politics, global warming and science literacy. She is a fiber artist, creative writer and dance enthusiast.

Isabelle Titcomb ’22, Photo Editor
Isabelle Titcomb ‘22 is a double major in Film and History from Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys Cold War history and cinema, and never finishing TV shows.

Cynthia Shi ’23, Photo Editor
Cynthia Shi is a sophomore planning to major in Anthropology and Classics. She is a bona fide ramen and Game of Thrones aficionado. She is also passionate about Ultimate Frisbee and film photography.

Elena Lee ’23, Chief Copy Editor
Elena Lee (she/her) is a prospective astrophysics major and Greek or philosophy minor. She does not think white chocolate is real chocolate.

Catherine Zhao ’22, Social Media Editor
Catherine is a sophomore from Milwaukee, WI and a prospective biology major. You can often find her in Cornell library pretending to do work.

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