Fall 2021 Masthead

Anatole Shukla ’22, Editor-in-Chief

Anatole Shukla is a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, majoring in economics with a special major in linguistics and Russian language. He is an avid birder who enjoys crochet, trying new flavors of La Croix, and reading about mummies. His current favorite bird is the green heron, though it changes every week.

Best Chantanapongvanij ’23, Managing Editor

Best Chantanapongvanij is a junior from Thailand. He is double majoring in English and Computer Science. He is an avid photographer, reader, and cinephile. He has tried almost every menu item from Panda Express and has downed a quesadilla and three crunchy tacos from Taco Bell in four minutes.

Neel Gupta ’22, Managing Editor

Neel Gupta is a senior from Los Altos, CA, studying political science and education in economics. Outside of The Phoenix, he enjoys listening to too many podcasts and rewatching the West Wing.

Cami Brix ’23, Editor-at-Large

Cami Brix is a junior from Woodinville, Washington. She is pursuing an Honors major in Economics and an Honors minor in History. She enjoys cooking, hiking, antiquing, and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Lauren Mermelstein ’24, News Editor

Lauren Mermelstein is a sophomore from Ambler, Pennsylvania and is a prospective Political Science and History double major. She is a self-proclaimed master of challah baking, and in her free time enjoys listening to podcasts and playing ultimate frisbee.

Remy Kanegene ’24, News Editor

Remy Kanegene is a sophomore from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, majoring in Economics and some combination of Russian and English. He absolutely loves anything and everything car-related, and enjoys listening to music as well as singing, playing flute, and piano. (No, he does not have a favorite car, as there are too many to choose from).

Jacinta Fernandes-Brough ’23, Opinions Editor

Jacinta Fernandes-Brough is a sophomore from England majoring in economics and political science. She plays for the Swarthmore women’s soccer team and is generally obsessed with all things football (soccer). 

Suhyun Kim ’21, Opinions Editor

Suhyun J.L. Kim is a sophomore from Bellevue, Washington who is probably going to major in English Literature. She watches a lot of movies and tv shows, sketches compulsively, and likes reading occasionally.

Ally Scheve ’22, Sports Editor

Ally Scheve is a senior from Palo Alto, California. She majoring in English Literature and minoring chemistry. She enjoys watching the Great British Baking Show, visiting national parks, and completing jigsaw puzzles.

Anna Suh ’22, Sports Editor

Anna Suh is a senior from Delaware, majoring in English and minoring in Asian Studies. She loves raspberry oat bars and medjool dates.  

Rachel Lapides ’22, Arts Editor

Rachel Lapides is an Honors English major and Psychology minor from New York City. She’s currently working on turning her dorm room into a garden.

Emma Garrett ’25, Arts Editor

Emma Garrett is a first-year from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and a prospective cognitive science major. She loves reading, writing, and graphic design. If you hear someone singing ABBA on Magill Walk, it’s probably her.

Elena Lee ’23, Campus Journal Editor

Elena Lee is a junior from Portland, Oregon with a special major in geophysics and a minor in Greek. She enjoys reading, baking, and spending time outdoors, and is currently trying to learn how to identify different kinds of trees. She also holds very strong opinions about frosting (i.e. if it’s not cream cheese then don’t bother).

Isabelle Titcomb ’22, Photo Editor

Isabelle Titcomb ‘22 is a double major in Film and History from Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys Cold War history and cinema, and never finishing TV shows.

Catherine Zhao ’22, Social Media Editor

Catherine Zhao is a senior from Milwaukee, WI and is majoring in Biology and History. She refuses to download TikTok despite being the Social Media Editor.

Devyani Mahajan ’23, Business Manager

Devyani Mahajan is a junior from Singapore and is pursuing a double major in English Literature and Cognitive Science. She enjoys science fiction, air conditioning, and Sharples’ banana chocolate-chip cookies.

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