Mythological Criticism in The Fountain

Despite referencing Christianity, Mayan animism, and Buddhism, The Fountain is simultaneously a religious and irreligious film. It chronicles the stories of Tom, a wandering space traveler, Tommy, a scientist who wants to cure his wife of cancer, and Tomás, a conquistador searching


Angel Su ’24 on Embodying Art

*Trigger Warning: EDs/restrictive eating.* I love interviewing dancers. Dance is a medium I can confidently admit to having no ability in – to anyone who has seen me dance, this is my formal apology. That being said, I’m captivated by how dancers

Environment and Religion in First Reformed

In Paul Schrader’s 2018 First Reformed, violence coexists with despair, punishment, and guilt. However, even in the film’s most brutal violence, hope is nearby. Toller (Ethan Hawke), intending to bomb churchgoers with a suicide vest on the 250th anniversary of the First

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