Trump’s Subtle Language of Oppression

Cw: xenophobia and homophobia   As I watched Donald Trump’s inaugural address, eyes both welling and rolling, a certain section stuck out to me. It occurred early in the speech as Trump was still getting started. After thanking Obama for his gracious

Words are still relevant in politics

Until 1879, the German term for hatred of Jews was Judenhass, which literally translates to “hatred of Jews.” That year, a German agitator named Wilhelm Marr founded a new organization called the League of Antisemites. The term “anti-Semite” had existed before then,

The Facebook feed tells the story

Social media presents us with a rare opportunity. It provides us with a glimpse of our past selves, so we can reflect on how things have changed and how we’ve grown. I’ve found this to be especially true in the last few

Bartlet (and therefore Clinton) for America

There is an episode of the television show “The West Wing” in which viewers are treated to flashbacks showing how the fictional President Josiah Bartlet’s campaign got started. In one such flashback, then-New Hampshire Governor Bartlet is visited by his old friend

Laughter is the best medicine during this election

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign scares me, and it has since it began in June of 2015. Trump’s beliefs are the opposite of mine in many ways, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has found that his populist rhetoric has resulted in an

A century later, echoes of an ugly past

If I asked you to name a candidate in the ’16 presidential election who was running on a platform of law and order, opposition to immigration, and fears of terrorism, who would you think of? I’m not a gambling man, but I’d

The myth of personal responsibility

Every election cycle in recent memory, after the tricolored balloons have descended from the rafters of some swing state convention hall and a candidate has emerged victorious from the nomination process, voters are bombarded with all kinds of inspiring and catchy messages.