Being okay

The other night my friend was consoling me after a stressful, frustrating week. Like tango and conspiring, it takes at least two people for consolation to come about. After my friend listened to my troubles and expressed sympathy, I noted that despite

SSUCC show causes laughter

Note: In an unusually energetic mood I decided to take a stab at gonzo journalism. But you will not be able to take me seriously, because I am a joker. On Friday Nov. 10, the Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club preformed in

Running Olde Club and Working on Dying show

Olde Club is a popular student space for dancing and for watching musical performances, often at the same time. Nov. 17th, a Friday night, was no exception, when music collective Working on Dying and artist The Khan came to perform. The performance

Boy Scouts and Burning American Flags

  When I was a Boy Scout, I burned hundreds of American flags. Once or twice a year, at summer camp or at a Court of Honor (basically a barbeque where merit badges and rank advancements were awarded), my scoutmaster would bring

Chill Russell jams and converses at WSRN

On the morning of Sunday Oct. 15th, the alternative rock band Chill Russell stopped by WSRN studios to perform a set that included their latest tracks and to chat with Swarthmore students. Chill Russell formed in Austin, Texas in 2015. They came

Kitao Holds First Ever First Year Arts Showcase

  Freshman cannot live in Worth, cannot be Residential Assistants, and they cannot even declare their majors. However, last Friday’s show at Kitao proved that they can be artists, and quite good ones at that. Kitao, Swarthmore’s student run arts space, held

Arts (Bi)weekly Poetry Contest Extension

We only received a single entry Written by a local landed gentry, The bad poem cannot be missed, Simply because the poem is this. Hello everyone! The poem contest has been extended for a week. Please email me directly for submissions.

Diet Cig and Calypso Baby Preform at Olde Club Show

The crispness of fall came early and the Olde Club show started late last Friday evening. That night the first major concert with an off-campus group performing went off without a hitch. It featured music from two experimental pop groups,  By 10

Announcing a Poetry Contest!

By the Arts Section To all those able to publicly bare their souls to the oldest student run paper on campus: the Phoenix Arts Section, in pursuit of the above stated principles of renewal, is trying out a series of weekly campus-wide

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