Arts (Bi)weekly Poetry Contest Extension

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We only received a single entry
Written by a local landed gentry,
The bad poem cannot be missed,
Simply because the poem is this.
Hello everyone! The poem contest has been extended for a week. Please email me directly for submissions.

  1. The poem must allude to at least three colors;
  2. It must not be longer than 1440 characters ;
  3. It must aim to make us laugh or make us cry, or even both.

Please submit entries to or slide a paper copy under the door of the Phoniex office. The winning poem will be printed in the next issue in the newspaper and on the website. All students and staff are invited to submit entries.  Submissions from professors will possibly be considered, but our secret panel of judges are known to be hostile to the teaching faculty. Submissions will be accepted until 12:01 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. Questions and concerns can be directed to Joe Mariani, one of this year’s arts editors. We especially encourage the submissions from your friends who should publish their poetry but have not yet done so. We thank you for your submissions.

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