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Your New and Improved Winter Playlist

Tired of listening to the same old Christmas songs now that it’s February? Wish you had the perfect playlist to take you somewhere warmer? Have some songs in mind now that you’ve read those first few sentences and want this list to validate your choices? Then look no further than this winter playlist, hand-crafted for… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Winter Formal Done Right

The start of spring semester means many things – friend reunions, classes, stress, and of course, Winter Formal. Although perhaps one of the lesser known traditions of which Swarthmore prides itself, Winter Formal is just one of those ‘Yes, we’re still a college in America and we do kind of normal stuff sometimes’ things. If… Keep Reading


Student Budget Committee adopts policies to address budget surplus

The Student Budget Committee has had an ongoing issue with student groups not spending the the money they apply for during the organization’s spring budgeting process, where student groups apply for the funding they need for the next year. Although student groups typically hold more events during the spring semester than the fall, it’s unlikely… Keep Reading


No more deficit for Paces Cafe

Paces broke even this past semester, amassing a  gross revenue of $15,000 and a net revenue of $o in the fall. It was the first semester in its over 10-year history that the student-run cafe has not made less money than it has spent. Paces staff credits the café’s newfound success to their recent restructuring,… Keep Reading


European soccer transfer window ends

The month of January is one of the most exciting in European football, but not because of anything that occurs on the pitch. January is the month of a “transfer window,” the period in which football clubs around Europe can sign players from the transfer market and make deals with opposing teams. It is essentially,… Keep Reading

Opinions/Swat Global

Why don’t I write anything down?

When I first sat down to write my column I was so excited. During my three semesters of editing for the Phoenix I wasn’t able to write opinions pieces due to a rule in the Phoenix’s editorial policies. So after three semesters I was finally able to write an opinions piece. Finally I would be… Keep Reading


CS tenure talks reflect department’s unprecedented growth

In the last two weeks, the computer science department, known for its increasing size and consequent lotteries, conducted tenure talks in order to hire a new tenure track professor. The first talk was marked by a joke about the CS lottery amongst the students in attendance. While tenure talks are not unique to CS, they… Keep Reading

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