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Athlete of the week: Daniel Belkin ’19

Daniel Belkin ’19 had another incredible performance at the Centennial Conference Championships two weekends ago at Ursinus College. Belkin, who is from Florence, Mass. participates in the high and long jump for his main events. He propelled the men’s track and field team to a third place finish in the Championships with 85 points, finishing… Keep Reading


Controversy is good

It’s no secret that Swarthmore is a predominantly liberal institution. Last semester, Alec Ferry ’21 conducted an ethnography about the political identities of Swarthmore students and found that indeed, Swat students generally tend toward liberalism over conservatism. Not surprisingly, Swat isn’t the only college that is this way. Most colleges in the U.S. are liberal-leaning,… Keep Reading

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Totally Legitimate, Real Tips for Spring Break

Spring Break, (n): A week designed for students to either get drunk in Fort Lauderdale or return home so that family members can judgmentally ask whether they got an actual, paid internship for the summer.   To my fellow Swatties who seek to escape that bleak binary, I would like to share some very real,… Keep Reading


Pa. gerrymandering ruling moves college into competitive 7th district

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a new congressional map on February 19th. The map was a remedy the Republican-majority Pa. General Assembly gerrymandering that occurred under the 2011 Pennsylvania Congressional Redistricting Act. The Supreme Court created a new non-partisan map that allows districts to follow the standards of being contiguous, compact, equal in population, and… Keep Reading


David Corcoran: A Life in Journalism

Last Friday, nearly 60 people huddled in the Lang Performing Arts Center Cinema. Some were there to hide from Winter Storm Riley and the accompanying blackout afflicting other parts of campus. Others were there for the free dinner and complimentary copy of “The New York Times Book of Science.” Everyone, however, was eagerly awaiting a… Keep Reading


Athletes respond to the Parkland shooting

Less than a month ago, Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in what was one of the deadliest school massacres ever. This tragic event was felt all across the nation and has sparked major political debate over gun laws. Athletic organizations and professional athletes have taken a large… Keep Reading

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How to Spend Your Spring Break at Swarthmore

  Stuck spending your spring break at Swarthmore College when you could be tanning on Miami Beach? Don’t want to waste away in bed for a week and then feel completely worthless afterwards? Here’s a list of things you can do to ward off the Spring Break Blues.   Try to predict the Swarthmore weather… Keep Reading


Swarthmore men’s basketball advances to the Sweet 16

The Swarthmore men’s basketball team has been on the rise for years now. In fact, in the 2015-2016 season, the team had its first winning season since the 1996-1997 season. Much of the recent success enjoyed by Swarthmore men’s team has been due to its coach, Landry Kosmalski. In only five years at Swarthmore, Kosmalski… Keep Reading

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