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Race & the GOP: Sam Sussman

Sam Sussman maintains that the racialization of politics is a GOP strategy Last week, the Republican Presidential Primary reached a new low — who would have thunk it? — even before Newt Gingrich promised a 51st state on the moon (this, sadly, is not a joke. Google it). In the days before the South Carolina… Keep Reading

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Collapse of Chester schools: worlds apart, minutes away

The collective familiarity of Swarthmore students with Chester is diverse. In other words, it is not shared. Most likely, interactions with or discussions about the city are tangentially related — and limited — to education department placements, community fellowships awarded through the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, student group initiatives, or, more mundanely,… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

New campus clubs offer chances to read and play

Bored? Tired of lounging around campus with nothing to do? Looking for something to fill up your gigantic blocks of free time? Check out these developing Swarthmore clubs to beat back that weekday boredom. Shogi Club The Swarthmore College Shogi Club was founded in 2004 by Associate Professor of Philosophy — and 2008 U.S. Shogi… Keep Reading

Campus Journal/Columns

Pick beer like books: dry, dense or chewy

Browsing the beer aisle of your local neighborhood store is like strolling through the library. The shelves from floor to ceiling are filled with names and images — some well known, some familiar and others entirely alien. When you or a friend says one evening, “What kind of beer should we buy?” all of these… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Orchestra 2001 challenges convention and expectation

[vimeo id=”35932322″ width=”620″ height=”360″] When thinking of a traditional orchestra performance, one image comes to mind: an incredibly large ensemble, toiling through a long and complex three-movement symphony. We even imagine the classical and traditional sounds of a violin, viola or cello in a Schubert or Mozart composition. At Sunday’s Orchestra 2001 concert, the performance… Keep Reading

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