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False God: Reagan and the Republican primaries

Whew! Anybody else have whiplash from the Republican presidential primary? Republican voters, desperately throwing themselves into the Anybody But Mitt project, are cycling though candidates like drunk Swatties go through Paces hook ups. Strong opposition to Romney, who signed health care reform that made Massachusetts the state with the most insured citizens, was clear from… Keep Reading

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S.978 Jail time for Streaming

It’s been three years since Justin Bieber, a Canadian pop and R&B singer/songwriter, released a YouTube video that sparked his music career. In the next year, 2009, his debut single “One Time” peaked top ten in Canada. Since then, he’s released seven songs to hit the Billboard Hot 100. No matter how far up the… Keep Reading

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ITS showcases the future of academic technology

3D Printing, Mobile Devices in the Classroom, Web Video Galleries, Pen Display Graphics Tablet, Cinematic HD Video, New Tripod, eBooks, Moodle Q&A Booth, Open Source Electronics Projects … Do these terms sound familiar? On Monday afternoon in the Scheuer Room, the annual Information Technology Services (ITS) Academic Technology Fair displayed these nine fascinating new technologies… Keep Reading

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Student and alumni composers bring music to Lang

On Saturday evening, October 29, student and alumni composers, singers and musicians gathered for a recital, which began at 8:00 p.m. in the Lang Concert Hall. The Swarthmore Department of Music and Dance, Alumni Relations Office and Council and The Friends of Music and Dance at Swarthmore College jointly hosted the 2nd Annual Student and… Keep Reading

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Dorm Dive: Separating Sleep from Socializing

First-years Rebecca Senft, Molly Feldman and their roommates Jessie Bacha and Paige Stover occupy this uniquely configured Wharton quad. Typically, first-year quads comprise of two singles branching out from a double. However, a month into the semester, the girls converted the double into a lounge and study area and each of the two singles into double sleeping rooms. The… Keep Reading

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How to handle the aftermath of a one-night stand

This past week I got a load of questions about how to deal with a one-night stand. (Thank God for that Halloween party!) Specifically, I got questions about how to deal with bumping into your one-time lover post-sex. So, instead of ranting on about some random shit, I decided to dedicate another column to pleasing… Keep Reading

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