Athlete of the Week: Nate Booth ’16

nate booth athlete of the week
Photo courtesy of Swarthmore Athletics

What He’s Done:

Last Wednesday, Booth pitched 6 innings of scoreless ball. He allowed a mere 2 hits without conceding a run. With his third scoreless start of the year, Booth improved to 4-0 while lowering his ERA to an improbable 0.38.

Favorite Career Moment:

“I’m torn between two. My first ever appearance, I came in when we were down by 8 runs. The inning after I pitched, which I threw okay, we put up a 12 run inning with three home runs. I wound up getting the win. The other would probably be an overall better performance, which happened a couple weeks ago against [Richard] Stockton when I threw my first shutout. This was cool because I think I did a better job than I’ve ever done of forcing ground balls. And the defense behind me was phenomenal the entire game. So, that was a lot of fun pitching as well.”

What’s going through your mind when you’re on the mound:

“I would say I get irrationally angry and very focused while pitching.”

Favorite Expression:

“I guess I’d say either excited or surprised, I’m not really sure. Confused is a good one too.”

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