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Fetter concert series opens with chamber music show

It is usually difficult for performers in a group to play their own parts while every other member plays different notes. Chamber music concerts, consisting mainly of small-sized performance groups, emphasize the balance of sounds and dialogues between performers while allowing each performer to maintain his or her individuality. Last Friday evening at Lang Concert… Keep Reading

Awjin Ahn ’15

Swat Style Snapshot: Engineering, Boston, MA, Dana His Current Outfit: Ahn sports a green plaid shirt which he purchased from and left it untucked. Over the shirt, he wears a navy J.Crew sweater with a small V-neck. Ahn idiosyncratically leaves the shirt buttoned up and keeps the collar within the neckline of his sweater. “I… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

Prof. Tierney debuts Iran War Clock

Drawing on the iconic imagery of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock, Associate Professor of Political Science Dominic Tierney’s Iran War Clock has placed the odds of war in the Middle East at essentially the flip of a coin, or approximately 48%. The clock was launched on March 8 as a feature on… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Even at Swarthmore, we are all Trayvon Martin

Staff Editorial Race and politics have historically converged in the context of national tragedy. Joining the long list of lawful injustices is the Feb. 26 shooting of 17-year-old African-American male Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. The elements of the case are simple yet nuanced, as American social issues customarily are: the unarmed Trayvon was shot… Keep Reading

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