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Breaking the ice with Swarthmore’s RAs

Breaking the ice: a look at RA orientation As first-years, it’s easy think that the Swarthmore experience begins the instant you set foot on campus, waving the plane/train/automobile that delivered you to academic salvation off into the haze of Philadelphia. However, for the alphabet soup of upperclassmen who facilitate the transition to Swarthmore for the… Keep Reading

Inherit the Wind: Obama and the economy

As legend has it, Rip van Winkle woke up from a 20-year snooze to find America had won the Revolutionary War. Colonial portraits of George III were replaced with the humbler George Washington. Flip your storybook forward to 2012. The United States is still nodding toward its small-“R” republican roots, but the President keeps speechifying… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Tour guides answer our questions, finally

As August ends, Swarthmore again awakens from summer’s relative calm to the surging crowd of returning and new students and the routine bustle and noise of college life. Next year, as summer begins, most students will again leave, and the campus will return to a state of partial hibernation. Yet even as the college passes… Keep Reading

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What they were doing while you were at the beach

Summer Profiles from the Class of 2015 The summer after a first year of undergraduate studies leaves students with several months of unstructured time. For those not enrolled in summer courses, this season allows for some escape from normal methodized learning and provides opportunities to seek out jobs, fellowships and internships in order to gain… Keep Reading

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Experienced cast gears up for orientation play

Last year’s Orientation Play featured cast members throwing handfuls of condoms into the audience. Those lucky audience members who got to snag a couple (“Yeah, I’m gonna use this tonight! Heh”) were fortunate enough to get a little reminder of the Orientation Play whenever they saw those condoms in their wallets over the course of… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

Orientation Ice Breakers

Love them or hate them, icebreakers abound during Orientation week on campus. Delivering giggles and guffaws to dorm lounges near you, the silly questions and absurd challenges work wonders for tempering nerves. “I’m not a very big fan of most ice breakers, but it’s actually really surprising how much a good one can contribute to… Keep Reading

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