When Good is Good Enough

My dad is infamous in my family for his terrible shopping advice. If you hold up two shirts and ask him to help you decide which one to buy, he’ll say, “Well, if you like them both equally, then it doesn’t matter

Indiana Jones and the Death of Film Discourse

It’s time we erase the distinction between “high” and “low” art when it comes to film.  When we think of the former category, we may think of cerebral, twisty, dark, or emotionally exhausting films that win awards we didn’t even know existed.

Fifty Days at Iliam

Contemporary art as a movement has strived to understand the world’s innermost truths, an objective artists believe can be achieved by pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally regarded as art. In doing so, artists hope to find the truth to life

Athlete of the Week: Dylan Zhang ’26

Dylan Zhang ’26, a golfer from Hong Kong, China, finished second overall individually at the Dickinson Spring Invitational on Saturday, April 15. Zhang’s two-round score of 138 (-6), with 71 (-1) in the opening round and 67 (-5) in the final round,

Swarthmore Athletics Weekly Recap

Men’s Tennis: Swarthmore College: 9, Gettysburg College: 0 On Thursday, April 13, Swarthmore men’s tennis faced Gettysburg College away in Gettysburg, PA. To secure their third straight Centennial Conference sweep, the No. 28 ranked Garnet defeated the Bullets, 9-0. Swarthmore found victories

Sunset on Sophomore

Amethyst.   You exercise patience, forgiveness, and acceptance. You often think to yourself: “There are times when I’m an ambitious warrior blazing my own path, defying destiny’s claws to the last. But during times like today, I’m just alive.” Today started out fine.

The Phoenix