Mythological Criticism in The Fountain

Despite referencing Christianity, Mayan animism, and Buddhism, The Fountain is simultaneously a religious and irreligious film. It chronicles the stories of Tom, a wandering space traveler, Tommy, a scientist who wants to cure his wife of cancer, and Tomás, a conquistador searching

Swarthmore Athletics Weekly Recap:

Men’s Cross Country: Cohen Manges ’27 represented Swarthmore men’s cross country at the NCAA National Championships on Saturday, Nov. 18. The rookie traveled to Newville, PA, for his championship debut, marking the program’s third-straight appearance at the national meet. Manges placed 202nd


Big Chair, Bigger Heart

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Parrish Beach, a pillar (pasture, rather) of the Swarthmore community: a see-all, tell-none source — until now. What would Swarthmore’s campus be without its largest and most strangely-named patch of grass? Where would we

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