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Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Protestors spark necessary dialogue

Why are conservatives so afraid of Occupy Wall Street? Their reaction certainly indicates they are afraid: they are breaking out the well-worn ideological hyperboles they’ve used as crutches since our parents’ parents were our age. Republican flavor-of-the-month Herman Cain wrote that the protesters should “get a job” while Wall Street cash king Mitt Romney said… Keep Reading

Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Occupiers falsely place blame on corporations instead of politicians

As I wandered off my train at South Street Station last week, Occupy Boston was in full-swing. Exploring the makeshift headquarters, I witnessed a spectrum of left-leaning causes. On display were the anticipated Workers Party leaflets, along with literature about “corporate greed,” a statue of Gandhi, some colorful bike racks, teacher’s unions, a Buddhist campsite,… Keep Reading

Occupy Wall Street Perspective: Occupy movement is progressively pursuing legitimate change

Something remarkable is happening in American politics. Three years after a financial crisis that delegitimized the parochial right-wing ideology of deregulation and ‘let the rich rule’ economics, Americans are voicing outrage at the chronic infection of money in our political system. By putting its finger on this unspoken fact of American politics, Occupy Wall Street… Keep Reading

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Occupy Wall Street needs much more than occupation

On Tuesday, several labor unions joined the Occupy Wall Street protest, adding force and credibility to the two-week-old movement. But while it is easy to keep up with the protest’s participants, timeline and even its location — young protesters have camped out in Lower Manhattan’s financial district and spilled onto the Brooklyn Bridge — it… Keep Reading


Three years later: responses to the financial crisis

Once or twice a century, there is a watershed moment in American politics in which the bankruptcy of the present arrangement is laid naked, and gives way to paradigmatic transition. During the Great Depression, 25% unemployment set the stage for the New Deal. In the late 1970s, stagflation brought the New Right and its ‘government… Keep Reading

Supreme Court to reignite health care reform debate

The Affordable Care Act, one of President Obama’s signature legislative achievements, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. And it’s about time. The constitutionality of the law’s provision mandating Americans to purchase healthcare coverage or face a penalty is highly suspect. Can the government force Americans to buy something? On September 28, the Court decided… Keep Reading


Men’s soccer back on winning track with 2-0 week

It had been three seasons since the Swarthmore men’s soccer team lost consecutive matches, so following road defeats to Stevens and Dickinson two weeks ago, the team gathered to reflect and recommit. “Our real emphasis on the little details was starting to get a little bit sloppy,” said head coach Eric Wagner, whose team had… Keep Reading

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