Finding one’s own adventures in kink

Sex is a pretty stigmatised thing. It’s even more stigmatised when it isn’t vanilla sex between two cishet people. Which is why sex education, for those of you lucky enough to have had it, never ever covers anything kinky. Ever. Kink is

Sex and the Swattie

  Hi, friends. This is a sex column, and I’m going to be talking about sex today, but not as a good thing. I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship, often addiction-like, with sex, that I still sometimes fight to overcome. This column

That One Moment that makes us blush hardest

I have a theory. Almost everyone who has sex, has, at some point, had an awkward moment. I’m not saying there’s only one time sex is ever awkward, it’s kinda awkward a lot of times. But there is One Moment that makes