WOCKA returns to empower women of color

When you see the word WOCKA, you might think of Shakira or former 2016 presidential candidate Mr. Flocka Flame. Here at Swarthmore, the acronym takes on a different meaning. WOCKA (pronounced with an o as in boat), or Women Of Color Kick

WICS offers women in computer science support, opportunities

We’ve all heard the statistics: women are pretty drastically underrepresented in STEM fields, particularly those of computer science and engineering. A mere 17 percent of undergraduate computer science degrees, nationally, are awarded to women.  Although Swarthmore typically does a little better than

Painter, animator, Leich leads artistic postgrad life

For students at an institution that boasts the title “Liberal Arts College,” Swatties seem to most frequently pursue majors in the sciences, with biology, computer science, and political science topping the list of most popular majors. The art departments, including art history,

High-tech dorm rooms still feel like home

With the school’s limited air conditioning and old-fashioned key hole doors, many students agree that Swarthmore is not the most technologically advanced campus. Although many students bring basic technology to their dorm rooms, some go above and beyond. Lanson Tang ‘18, George

Sheila Magee ’81 nurtures community in campus gardens

Swarthmore prides itself on the surpassing beauty of the pristine campus and lush grounds. Particularly for first years, being in an unfamiliar place with unknown people and new experiences feels more like home when you’re surrounded by an extensive, well-kept arboretum, where