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Making Music: First-years at Swarthmore

An eclectic mix of classical, choral, jazz, hip-hop, and rock defines the Swarthmore music scene. The college offers many opportunities for musicians to perform and connect with others to play and produce music through the music department as well as several clubs and venues. The Swarthmore Gospel Choir, Chaverim, and WSRN all provide venues for… Keep Reading


Peter and Donna Thomas Present Book Art in McCabe

Standing in a pool of golden afternoon sunlight with a gentle mechanical whir filling the air, visiting book artists Peter and Donna Thomas held up a single translucent sheet of freshly pressed paper. The crowd of students surrounding the artists passed around the dewy and pale pink sheet, silently admiring its fragile strength. On Monday, … Keep Reading


IC celebrates 25th anniversary, hires new LGBTQ+ fellow

With a new LGBTQ+ fellow, heritage celebrations such as Pride Month and Latinx Heritage Month, and the approach of its 25th anniversary, the college’s Intercultural Center has a busy year ahead. For its anniversary, the IC has a program for each month. This month, the center is highlighting 25 facts about the IC, which are… Keep Reading


Field Hockey Thriving Under Coach Allison

If you happen to be by the athletic fields on a Tuesday morning, you will most likely catch a glimpse of Swarthmore’s Field Hockey team starting their day off with a 6 a.m. practice. It is this type of commitment that has contributed to their recent and unprecedented success. Having won six out of their… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Breaks Large and Small, a Manifesto

In this era of hard-won freedom from the inflexible, linear career paths that so chained the stonefaced baby boomers, a good friend is one who always shoots résumé padding your way. So perhaps I should have been delighted when I received two blue bleeps from my companion and your resident campus Arts Editor, Joe Mariani.… Keep Reading

Open Letter/Opinions

Statement on kneeling during anthem

Dear Friends, This past week, President Trump released several tweets chastising athletes who have not stood during the national anthem as well as those who have declined White House invitations. His blanket critique speaks to a reckless pattern of racist sentiment that now endangers the very diversity that America is built upon. Our country’s history… Keep Reading


MLB Postseason Preview

October is here, and with it comes the MLB playoffs, one of the most exciting times of the year. Last year saw an instant classic play out in the World Series as the Cubs rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win the World Series in extra innings in Game 7 and shattered a 108-year streak… Keep Reading

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