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Guilty pleasure shows still strike emotional chord

Watching the sporadically entertaining telecast of the Emmy awards on September 18, I was shocked by two personal discoveries. First of all, I’d never thought that I would actually care about the best movie/miniseries categories until Kate Winslet managed to become one Tony shy of the prestigious Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (EGOT) combo. The… Keep Reading

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Dorm Dive: Kandinsky to Kanagawa

This ample, L-shaped single in David Kemp belongs to Natalia Cote-Munoz, which she acquired through the blocking process. The room is at once spacious allowing Cote Munoz to regularly host friends and features cozy places for her to relax in. She has decorated the room vibrantly, which reflects her appreciation of art and worldwide cultures.… Keep Reading

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TEDxSwarthmore set to bring alumni speakers in spring

From Nepal to New York to India to England, activists, entrepreneurs and scientists flock to Long Beach, California each year to present their most powerful ideas. All are gathered for one conference — TED. TED stands for Technology, Information and Design. It has hosted speakers such as Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Bill Gates as well as Professor… Keep Reading

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Enlace, O.A.S.I.S. host string of LHM performances

Every September, communities nationwide celebrate Latin@ Heritage Month. Here at Swarthmore, Latino student organization Enlace is marking the month with a series of events, ranging from concerts featuring Latino artists to seminars and workshops focusing on Latino issues. This year, Enlace leaders are focusing heavily on the arts as a “lens” for educating the community… Keep Reading

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The lowdown on cheap eats in University City

Center City Restaurant Week wraps up tomorrow. If you went, hopefully, you had a great high-class dining experience in the company of good friends. It still cost you at least $42 — the fixed price of the meal, plus a 15% tip. If you ordered a drink, it was more. Restaurant Week sates the appetite… Keep Reading

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