After SGO referendum, board still votes “no”

Mountain Justice spearheads vote on partial divestment, with less than ideal response A majority of students who participated in a referendum this week voted in favor of taking steps to divest the college’s endowment from coal, oil, and natural gas companies within


More Swastikas Appear in McCabe Library

Despite continued efforts by senior college staff, Public Safety, and the Swarthmore Borough Police to investigate and eliminate incidents of hateful graffiti on and near campus, two more swastikas were discovered at separate times in the stall of the gender neutral bathroom

FAFSA application opens earlier for 2017 aid decisions

This year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the next academic year became available in October instead of January of the beginning of the next calendar year. This allows students to file a financial aid application at the college earlier,

English department pens anti-harassment statement

The faculty and staff of the department of English literature have released a statement denouncing recent acts of hate against marginalized populations across the country, and have offered the department as a supportive space for the college community. The statement was originally

Teamwork Makes The Steam Work at Kohlberg

There are only four on-campus dining options that students can use on the college meal plan: Sharples Dining Hall, Essie Mae’s Snack bar, and the “coffee bars” stationed in Kohlberg Hall and the Science Center. Each has its own specific clientele, set

Kohlberg fire alarm triggers emergency response

Public Safety & emergency services respond to a fire alarm at Kohlberg Hall on Sunday afternoon. No damages were reported, and no fire started, but the incident was concerning enough to prompt a noticeable presence of emergency services vehicles on campus. “The

Rashid joins PA Campus Leaders in Denouncing Trump Comments

Content warning: sexual assault On Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 12:00 PM, a group of campus leaders from various colleges and universities across Pennsylvania denounced Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s degrading and offensive comments about women on a joint press call. Jasmine Rashid

$4.3 million gift joins IC groups under one roof

In line with the college’s recent work to boost the visibility and prevalence of diversity and inclusion work on campus, a gift from two alumni will be used to renovate and expand the Intercultural Center in the near future. Announced by President

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