Athlete of the Week: Brittany Weiderhold ‘20

Hometown: Downington, Pa.

What she’s done:

As a first-year Forward on the Women’s Varsity Team, Weiderhold has already shown promise as a rising star. During the Garnet’s first regular season game against Rutgers University – Camden on Thursday, Sep. 1, Weiderhold scored her first collegiate goal to bring the final game score to 3 – 0.

On getting used to playing with a team at the collegiate level:

“…[my high school team] was a little clique-y. There were some people that I felt were kind of excluded. You would have one group, and then a different group. But here, that’s not a thing. Everyone is in one big group, and yet you have people who do their own thing in their own little groups, but overall everyone just really gets along well and I love that about this school … this is outside of soccer, but everyone is so welcoming. They’re like, ‘Can I sit with you?’ at lunch or something.”

On the secret to her success:

“I work really hard. If I want something, I definitely go for it. I know I’m a lefty, and there’s not many people on the team who are lefties, so that may be a part of my secret. I train hard. Before I came [to Swarthmore], I would have practice, but after practice or other times throughout the day, I would go out and kick the ball around. I wouldn’t stay after every day, but there were days where I was like, ‘I need to play some more,’ I would do that.

Favorite place on campus:

“McCabe Library, because the seniors had a room in there called the ‘Golden Room’. It’s like their little secret, like a little hidden room in the back. The freshmen started going there to study. We call it the Golden Room now too, and we don’t always study when we’re in the room. We have occasional dance parties. I mean, I love the outdoors of it too. It’s so beautiful, the campus as a whole.”

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