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Athlete of the week: Zac O’Dell ʼ20

Zac O’Dell ʼ20, the 6-foot-7 forward from Schenectady N.Y., has been a key contributor to the Garnet men’s basketball team in their historic season. O’Dell has had standout games against Middlebury — one of the best teams in Division III — and more recently against Haverford, where he scored 13 points and grabbed 11 rebounds.… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Screw Your Roommate

Screw Your Roommate, an impressively awkward school tradition that began in the 80s, returned this year on Feb. 18. Dressed in often embarrassing costumes, several hundred anxious and uncomfortable students gathered in Sharples around dinner time in search for a blind date set up for them by their respective roommates. The broad intention of the… Keep Reading


Title IX: Learning About Relationships, Respect & Safety

Despite the Healthy Sex and Relationships series having come to a close last week, the Title IX Office here at Swarthmore College still has more activities in store. According to Raven Bennett, Swarthmore’s Title IX Fellow, “Thus far this semester, the Title IX House has hosted or collaborated on fifteen events. Five of these events… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

The Ten Commandments: Queer Dating at Swat

Imagine, if you will, a bright-eyed freshman arriving at Swarthmore, hoping to find a beautiful gay utopia where everyone who was a lonely queer kid in high school will find love and be swept away on a beautiful rainbow unicorn. Now imagine, 1.5 years later, that innocent child is hunched over a table in Kohlberg,… Keep Reading


Profiles in Art: Liya Harris-Harrell

Swarthmore is filled with people from many different places and backgrounds, which means a plethora of stories can be told. One artist who is telling these stories is Liya Harris-Harrell ̕ 21. They are a prospective art and chemistry double major who has been drawing for most of their life. So far in their time… Keep Reading


We Don’t (All) Need No Education

I’ve recently been reading a lot about the value of a college education — it was a major issue during the most recent Democratic primary campaign. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders proposed free federally funded college for all, and Hillary Clinton managed both to change her position on the issue and reap none of the benefits… Keep Reading


Making the Best of It: A Talk with Tara

One of the first makers that I met at Swarthmore my freshman year was found in an unexpected place: the freshman job fair. Costume shop manager Tara Webb ’ 94 was there looking for student shop assistants. I recently sat down with her in the shop to find out more about her experience making at… Keep Reading

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