Coronavirus Outbreak Disrupts Study Abroad

In addition to the tangible on-campus effect of coronavirus on international students, the outbreak has also impacted students studying abroad. Students studying in countries that have experienced extensive outbreaks have been faced with making quick decisions on whether to return home and


One Act Festival Offers Disparate Drama

The annual One Act Festival kicked off in LPAC mainstage on Friday, with a matinée the following afternoon and a final performance Saturday night. The festival consisted of three original half-hour plays, all written, directed, produced, and acted by students. The show

New Sharples to Feature Open Spaces, Broadened Food Options

The new Dining and Community Commons project, which will be tentatively completed around Fall 2023, is set to expand dining options and offer new student lounge spaces. The design has won praise for its natural lighting and open spaces. This new structure

Sharples Introduces New “Squirrel Bar”

Students eating lunch at Sharples on November 26th were greeted by an unfamiliar friendly smile, beaming from a small squirrel who had positioned himself comfortably behind the radiator near the back entrance to the building. Peeping his head out from his alcove,

Spanish Program Branches Off To Form Separate Department

On May 17, 2019, the college Council on Educational Policy put up to a faculty vote a proposition to turn Spanish into its own department, independent of the department of modern languages and literature. In a decision with 96% in favor, the


Renato’s Does Not Exist

Renato’s Pizza is the workhorse of the Swarthmore food scene. Sure, you could spend time walking to Swarthmore Pizza or sit around waiting for Uber Eats. But when you’re hungry, or sad, or drunk, or high, or just want to have fun

Do Memes Imitate Life, or Vice Versa? Signs of the Climate Strike

Last Friday, September 20th, Gidon Kaminer ’22 and I participated in the Philadelphia Climate Strike alongside hundreds of our fellow Swatties and other climate-concerned youth. Naturally, a major facet of the strike’s iconography was composed of signs relating to our collective outrage