Future of Party Scene Remains Uncertain

The weekend after the first week of classes has traditionally been a time when one of the fraternities hosts a “disorientation” party. These parties have had a history of dangerous alcohol use, with a track record of hospitalizations that, similarly to Halloween

Why We’re Here

The Phi Psi sit-in was a climactic culmination of student activism that brought together students from different areas of interest around a common cause. Those involved ranged from committed activists who had been pushing this issue for years, to newcomers drawn by

College Moves Phi Psi and DU to BEP

After the nearly week-long Coalition Against Fraternity Violence sit-in garnered widespread news attention and galvanized the campus and the nation, Phi Psi and DU announced on the evening of Tuesday, April 30, their decision to disband. President Smith, in an email to

After Philly Outbreak, Mumps Emerges at Swat

Two days after informing the campus community that a student had symptoms of mumps, Director of Health & Wellness Services Alice Holland confirmed that the student did in fact have the disease on April 19. “Mumps is a highly contagious viral illness

After Delay, SGO Holds Executive Board Elections

SGO Executive Board elections, originally scheduled to begin on April 9, were delayed to April 11. On Tuesday April 9, Student Outreach Chair Ash Shukla ’22 sent an email to the student body informing that the scheduled SGO Town Hall would be