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Field Hockey Thriving Under Coach Allison

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If you happen to be by the athletic fields on a Tuesday morning, you will most likely catch a glimpse of Swarthmore’s Field Hockey team starting their day off with a 6 a.m. practice. It is this type of commitment that has contributed to their recent and unprecedented success. Having won six out of their last 10 games, Field Hockey has already won more games this season than in any other since 2012. The Garnet’s success can also be attributed to their new coach, Hannah Allison, who brings a refreshing new coaching style and a positive outlook for the team’s 2017 season.

Ellory Laning 18 shared her thoughts on her new coach and impact she has already had, and will continue to have, on the program.

“I think that we’ve always seen ourselves as a strong and talented team, but Coach Allison has dedicated a lot of practice time to helping us recognize where we break down and what has been preventing us from applying our strengths in games, which has greatly improved our play and helped us to connect and function as a united team,” she said.

Under Allison’s coaching, the Garnet have already won more Conference games this season than they have in the last four seasons. This newfound success must be attributed both to Allison’s coaching as well as her team’s ability to adapt and thrive under her new coaching style. This new coaching style focuses on the positives, creating a different team dynamic on the field. Instead of yelling when her athletes make mistakes, Allison tries to make each mistake a learning experience.

“I look forward to practices a lot more this season because I feel like I learn so much from them, as well as games. I think we just feel more confident playing our opponents this year knowing that we have a shot at winning,” said Zelda Bank 19.

The team have connected both on and off the field and all the players have really stepped up, especially the five first-years. Chelsea Semper ’21, who already feels like she has grown as a player under the guidance of Coach Allison, thinks that the team can became a competing force in the Centennial Conference.

“I’m really excited to see the program continue to grow this season and gain more respect in our conference. I’m thrilled to be a part of the group that is positively impacting the Swat Field Hockey program and helping turn it into a team that shouldn’t be taken lightly,” she said.

Having always been supportive and communicative, the Field Hockey team is making major headway in their level of confidence and winning mentality that will help them become a team to be reckoned with. Lizzy Stant ’19 gave some insight on a Centennial rival that she really wants to beat this year.

“John Hopkins! We had a tight game against them last year, and with our improvements over the past year we’d all love to bring them an even better game this year! We want to continue to improve in the conference and make other teams respect us and fear us! I believe in our ability to be able to do that this year more than ever before,” she said.

Field Hockey seems poised this year for their strongest season since 2012. With a new coach and new outlook on both practices and games, the team is set to grow and could be a solid contender in the Centennial Conference. While their much-anticipated game against John Hopkins is an away game on Oct. 14, Field Hockey faces Oneonta on Oct. 7 at 2 p.m. on Clothier Field.

Athlete of the Week: Riya Garg ’19

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Field hockey player and Westlake Village, CA native Riya Garg has lead the team to a fantastic start in the 2017 season. Coming off of a stellar 2016 season in which she started every game she played, Garg has already registered two assists and a goal in the first three games of the year. The Garnet return to action on Sept. 13 with a home game against Dickinson College.

Ping Promrat: What is your major, and what inspired you to pursue it?

Riya Garg: I am a math major and a computer science minor. Math had always been my favorite subject in school, and that made declaring the major easy! After this semester, I potentially could be done with the math major, which is really exciting.

PP: What is your favorite part of being a student athlete?

RG: My favorite part is definitely having a team on the field and off the field. Whether we are studying, taking classes together, or practicing and playing together, our field hockey team has really become a family for me in my time at Swarthmore.

PP: The team welcomed new head coach Hannah Allison this year. What has it been like adjusting to a new coach, and what has she brought to the program?

RG: We all really love her, and having her here is great for our program. She is a relatively young coach, which is really refreshing because she can relate to us in a lot of situations. Something specific that I really love about her is that she will sometimes let us play music at practice. It’s a little thing, but we get to show her our music, and she’ll add songs to the queue, too. I think it really is representative of our relationship with her: she is our coach, but also someone who wants to know us off the field too, music taste and all!

PP: The team is currently 3-1 to start off the season. How do you plan to keep up the momentum as the team heads into conference play?

RG: Our big goal for this season is to play our game and set the tone no matter what. Ultimately, we want to be in control of our destiny this year, no matter who we play.

Athlete of the Week: Sierra Spencer ’18

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What She’s Done: Two weeks ago, Spencer recorded four goals in three games. For her impressive performance, PhilaFieldHockey.com named her the the Student-Athlete of the week. This past week, Spencer continued her torrid start to the season. In Saturday’s contest against Immaculata, Spencer recorded two more goals, increasing her season total to six. She now ranks first in the conference in goals and second in points (12).

Best athletic accomplishment: “I’m really proud of our team for starting off the season with a winning record, including a huge overtime win against Arcadia.”

Favorite athlete: “Kevin Durant. I love watching him play and think he’s really talented, but humble.”

Favorite place to use your one card: “Co-op!”


Field Hockey Season Review, On and Off the Field

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Although the numbers on their record may not show it, this season was a big improvement for the Swarthmore field hockey team. The women worked diligently throughout the 2015 fall season to improve their standings from the 2014 season and made definitive strides in terms of personal skills. Audrey Allen ’16 considered their game against Richard Stockton College to be the best display of their competitive level of play.

“It was a close game and we came away with a 3-2 victory. That team had beat Hopkins, who we had lost to, so it was a really fun win for us.”

Clare Perez ’18 scored the opening goal of the game with a reverse chip shot, followed by a goal by Kathleen Carmichael ’19 who was fed by a cross from Jordyn Bell ’17. Richard Stockton scored two goals as well, leading the game into an intense overtime. Fortunately, Erin Gluck ’16 scored within 32 seconds of overtime, sealing the win for Swarthmore.

Ainsley Parrish ’16 mentioned that another highlight of the fall season was playing the the nationally ranked Franklin and Marshall College team. Although Swarthmore fell to F&M, the women used this game as a marker in their improvement. “In that game we really clicked as a team,” she said. “We showed the number four team in the nation that they needed to work hard for a win.”

Katherine Ianni ’17 described that her team’s overall performance this season truly displayed the improvement they made from 2014. “Although there is still a lot of work to be done, there were amazing moments this season and it was really rewarding to have our team playing so well together,” she said. “A lot of our success can be attributed to the fact that, despite the rocky path our seasons have taken, everyone remains positive, supportive, and hard-working.”

Now that the team has finished their season, however, they are staying in shape and preparing for the next one. The team has frequent lifts, especially after winter break in January and February, and each member of the team can often be found in the Matchbox staying in shape or on the field practicing passing and shooting. Additionally, the team creates such bonds among friends that the members of the team spend much time together even during the off-season.

Julia Thomas ’16 said, “Whether we’re hanging out in the locker room, on a bus ride to a game, or studying in Cornell together, I feel like we are constantly laughing.”

As is expected at Swarthmore, members of the team have many talents and interests outside of athletics and academics, and they use their off-season to foster extracurricular activities that they do not have quite as much time for during the fall season. During and outside of the fall season, some members of the field hockey team participate in extracurricular activities such as SAT tutoring, chorus, TAing, and pottery.

Thomas is spending this semester student teaching in a third grade classroom at Swarthmore-Rutledge Elementary School, which takes up the majority of her time. Additionally, she is an RA and an SAT tutor for juniors at Upper Darby High School. Audrey Allen ’16 has been using her free time gained from the current off-season to exercise according to her own schedule, and to devote attention to a nagging IT band injury which bothered her during the season. Allen also devotes much of her off-season time to pottery. Although she takes pottery as a class and does receive academic credit for it, she describes pottery as a type of work that engages her differently than studying.

“You can’t go into the studio and say, ‘I’ll make 5 bowls in 2 hours and then be done for the night,’ because sometimes you don’t always make something you like or create the exact shape you wanted,” she said. “I like pottery because it’s a process that requires a lot of patience and time, and it helps me a lot to throw when I don’t feel rushed.”

Ianni explained that she fills her newly gained time from being out of season with a variety of activities including working out with teammates, getting extra homework done, and taking advantage of her professors’ office hours. Additionally, Ianni has a passion for singing and has been a member of the Garnet Singers, an all-female voice quartet, which is a part of the Fetter Chamber Music Program, since her freshman year. She also takes private singing lessons. Ianni expresses that her fervor and dedication for field hockey manifest similarly when it comes to singing.

“It just engages me in a different way than academics and sports do,” she said. “Also, it’s easy to spend time practicing or going to rehearsal when it is so enjoyable.”

The field hockey team will graduate five important and devoted seniors this year. Transitioning from the field dynamic that the team has worked hard this past season to develop may be tricky, but luckily the program has welcomed a great set of new players this year as well as last, including four freshmen, a sophomore transfer student, and two junior walk-ons. For now, until the spring season begins after spring break, the field hockey team will use their extra time to pursue extracurricular interests, exercise on a more flexible schedule and catch up with friends that they do not see as much during the fall season.

Weekend Roundup

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Field Hockey

The field hockey team came out with intensity in their home game against Ferrum College last Saturday, which they ultimately won 4-0. With 38 shots taken by the Garnet compared to Ferrum’s two, Ferrum had no choice but to give in to the unrelenting pressure.

As it was also Senior Day for the Garnet, the five seniors were honored prior to the game: Audrey Allen ’16, Julia Thomas’ 17, Erin Gluck ’16, Laura Hyder ’16, and goalkeeper Ainsley Parrish ’16. They lived up to the honor by contributing a fair share to the win. Gluck scored the first goal of the game in the 17th minute, her team-high 14th goal of the season. She also added an assist later on. Allen scored the second goal of the game. Parrish saved one of the two shots taken by Ferrum, helping the Garnet keep a clean sheet. Notable performances among non-seniors include Jane Blicher ’18, who scored the third goal of the game, and Kathleen Carmichael ’19, who scored the last goal of the game in the 45th minute.

The team’s record currently stands at 4-12 overall and 0-8 in-conference. Their next game will be at Bryn Mawr on Friday, followed by their last game of the regular season at Haverford on Saturday. This will give the Garnet two opportunities to add wins to their subpar conference record before they close out their season.

Men’s Soccer

Although they took a 1-0 lead against Dickinson last Saturday, the men’s soccer team ultimately ended the game in a 1-1 tie. After a scoreless first half, Michael Nazfiger ’18 got the Garnet on the board with a goal in the 59th minute off a corner by Billy Evers ’17. However, the team let the lead slip away in the 83rd minute as Dickinson capitalized on a dangerous set piece situation. The Garnet couldn’t put in a goal in the final minutes of regulation, pushing the game into overtime. The game remained locked in the tie despite Dickinson’s four corners and the Garnet’s two shots during the period.

The tie put the Garnet at fifth place in the conference standings, which is the final spot that gets to play in the postseason conference tournament. They entered the game in sixth place, so the tie was not a failure in the end as it pushed them into playoff position. Their conference record, as of that game, stands at 2-2-3.

The Garnet’s next and final game will be at Haverford on Saturday. There, they will hope to clinch a playoff spot and keep their season alive. If they do qualify for the Centennial Conference playoffs, the first round game will be this Wednesday.

Women’s Soccer

After going undefeated throughout the season, the women’s soccer team finally saw their streak end last Saturday, when they were handed their first loss by Montclair State at home. The game was close, but the Garnet ultimately could not recover from an early goal by Montclair that ended up deciding the match, which ended with a score of 1-0.

The matchup was bound to be intense, as it pitted the 13th-ranked Garnet against the 19th-ranked Montclair. Montclair scored with a header off of a free kick in the 15th minute. The Garnet tried to rebound as it had been able to do so often this season, taking control of the game’s pace and flow but being unable to score by the end of the first half. The second half was a similar story, as the Garnet outshot Montclair 8-4. Katie Dougherty ’18 finished the game with 5 shots, a mark of her strong effort to put in the equalizer despite not being able to do so.

The team honored its nine seniors prior to the game. They were Tazmin Bailiff-Curtis ‘16, Amanda Bosworth ’16, Emily Gale ’16, Caela Long ’16, Reba Magier ’16, Cappy Pitts ’16, Aine Schanche ’16, Emily Telford-Marx ’16 and Melissa Trofa ’16.

Despite the loss, the team’s record stands at an impressive 13-1-1 overall, and 7-0-1 in conference play. The Garnet will have their undefeated conference record tested twice more, as they will face Bryn Mawr at home on Thursday and finish the regular season at Haverford on Saturday. The conference playoffs begin on Wednesday, with locations and matchups to be determined.

Men’s Golf

The men’s golf team ended their fall season last Saturday at the Rutgers Camden Invitational at Pennsauken Country Club. They played on a par-70, 6250 yard course. Out of 14 teams, the Garnet ended the invitational in a respectable fifth place with a 327, 20 strokes behind first place Rutgers University-Camden.

Individually, the team had a few impressive performances. Nick DiMaio ’19 had the best results for the team, tying for 3rd place out of 72 individual competitors. He shot a 76, 6 strokes behind the first place individual. Dan Altieri ’19 placed 17th after shooting an 82, with Drew Langan ’17, Andrew Pak ’16, and Thomas Kim ’16 all shooting in the 80s as well.

With the fall season done, the Garnet will now be looking to improve on their results, individually and as a team, going into the spring season.


Over the weekend, the women’s volleyball team went out to the Eastern University Quad-Match in St. Davids, Pennsylvania with high hopes. Unfortunately, they didn’t fare very well, losing all three of their matches in three sets, 3-0. Their first loss was on Friday against Stockton, followed by losses on Saturday against Susquehanna and Eastern.

Against Stockton, Swarthmore played close in the first and third sets, which they ended up losing 25-21. Sam DuBois ’16 performed well for the team with eight digs, 19 assists, and 4 kills. The match against Susquehanna was similar, as they lost the first set 25-21 and 25-23. Eastern, ranked 14th in the country, proved to be too difficult of a matchup for the Garnet to stay close as they were outclassed in the three sets 25-19, 25-16, and 25-17.

The Garnet fared much better in their Senior Day match last Tuesday, defeating Bryn Mawr at home in three sets 25-15, 25-21, 25-12. The three seniors, Sam Dubois ’16, Madison Heppe ’16, and Anastasia White-Torruellas ’16, were honored before the game. Dubois had eight digs and 27 assists, a match-high, while Heppe led the team with 10 digs. Olivia Leventhal ’18 impressed with 17 kills, as did Malia Scott ’18 with 13 assists and nine digs.

Thanks to their dominance in Centennial Conference play, where they have an 8-1 record, the Garnet has already clinched a spot in the conference playoffs. Their last match will be at Haverford on Saturday; if they win, the Garnet will earn home-court advantage for the semifinals and finals if they make it through to those rounds.

Weekend Roundup

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Women’s Soccer

If you weren’t already convinced of the women’s soccer team’s current dominance, then here’s some news that should change your mind: in a ranking released by D3soccer.com, the women’s soccer team was ranked as the 11th best team in the nation. They were also ranked 20th in the official national coaches’ poll top 25.

The team strengthened this deserved reputation with yet another win on Saturday, this one a 2-1 triumph away against conference opponent Johns Hopkins. The Garnet showed composure in this game after falling behind early because of a goal in the 6th minute from Johns Hopkins. They did just that and eventually evened up the game in the last minute of the first half, as Sarah Hancock ’18 scored off a cross from Hannah Lichtenstein ’17. The Garnet carried this momentum into the second half, where they took the lead early on after Katherine Zavez ’17 scored in the 53rd minute, assisted by Marin McCoy ’19. The goal was the first of Zavez’s career, and came at a fine moment as it put the team ahead for the game. It also pointed to the team’s impressive depth, as Zavez was the 20th player to score a goal for the team this season.

With an unbeaten overall record (9-0) and conference record (3-0), the team hopes to continue to prove why they are one of the best in the nation. Their next chance to do that will be this Saturday at home against in-conference opponent Gettysburg, which will be their only game this week.

Men’s Soccer

The men’s soccer team played away at conference opponent Ursinus on Saturday and only came away with one point in the standings after ending the game in a 1-1 tie. Although the game went the full possible 110 minutes, both of the goals were scored within the first four minutes of the opening half.

The home team struck first, scoring a goal against the Garnet after only slightly more than a minute of the game had passed. The Garnet fought back immediately and put in a goal soon after, when Billy Evers ’17 scored on a free kick from 30 yards out by Ryan Meuth ’17. The goal was Evers’ first this season.

Both teams attacked plenty throughout the remainder of the game, with the Garnet taking 20 shots to the Bears’ 14. However, neither was able to break through the others’ defenses and goalkeepers for the decisive goal. Goalkeeper Tyler Zon ’16 contributed to the Garnet’s defense with 4 saves.

Last night, the Garnet played a non-conference match against Rowan at home, and lost 1-0 after Rowan scored the only goal of the game in the 28th minute. Although the Garnet were able to put more shots on goal, five as opposed to Rowan’s three, they ultimately were unable to find the back of the net.

The Garnet’s record stands at 4-7-1 overall and 1-2-1 in Centennial Conference play. Up next for the team is a home match against conference opponents Gettysburg on Saturday.



With two more wins this week after defeating Johns Hopkins on Saturday and Washington College on Tuesday, the volleyball team extended their current win streak to 13 matches. The wins also maintained the Garnet’s undefeated conference record (4-0) and added to their impressive overall record (14-3).

The first win was special because it was the Garnet’s first road victory at Johns Hopkins in more than two decades. Although they dropped the first set 15-25, they rebounded and picked up the next three sets 25-22, 25-19, 25-20 en route to a 3-1 victory. Sarah Wallace ’18 led the Garnet in kills with 15, while Olivia Leventhal ’18 was close behind with 10 kills and a block. Malia Scott ’18 served up 5 aces as well.

The team carried this momentum into their home match against Washington on Tuesday, which they won 3-1 by a score of 25-13, 25-19, 13-25, 25-22. Sarah Girard ’19 had a match-high 26 digs. Sam Dubois ’16 had two block assists and 38 assists total, which brought her past the 2,500-assists mark for her career,

For the week ahead, the team has two more conference matches. The first is on Saturday at home against Gettysburg, followed by an away match at Ursinus on Wednesday. The Garnet hope to continue their undefeated streak and uphold their dominance in the Centennial Conference thus far.


Field Hockey

The field hockey team (1-8, 0-4 CC) continued to struggle against conference opponents this past weekend and fell to both Ursinus College and Johns Hopkins 8-0 and 3-1, respectively.

The Bears, ranked 8th in the nation, proved to be the team’s most challenging opponent thus far and forced the Garnet into a 5-0 deficit within the first 15 minutes. Swarthmore countered with four shots during the first period, three of which were on goal, but ended the period without touching the back of the net. The second period was marked by a barrage of shots from the Bears’ offense which resulted in Ursinus’ 19 shots taken compared to Swarthmore’s 0. Out of Ursinus’ 24 on-goal shots, goalkeeper Zelda Bank ’19 recorded a total of 10 saves to lessen the Bears’ offensive impact. However, the Garnet conceded two more points during the second half for a 8-0 loss.

The team attempted a comeback against Johns Hopkins after the Ursinus loss, but ultimately fell to the Blue Jays as well. The Garnet suffered a 3-0 deficit within the first 34 minutes of the game but rallied soon after to score their first goal of the game. Erin Gluck ’16 broke the Garnet’s dry spell off of a corner shot taken by Ursula Monaghan ’17 and finished the goal off near the left post. Both teams were unable to find the back of the net in the second period during which Bank recorded a total of six saves. Goalkeeper Ainsley Parish ’16 also recorded a total of 5 saves in the first period.

Today, the Garnet will travel to Chestertown, Maryland and go head to head with conference opponents Washington College in the hopes of earning their first conference win of the season.


Cross Country

Katie Jo McMenamin ’16 highlighted the women’s cross country team’s performance this past weekend as she earned first place in the Paul Short Brown 6K run. Running against a whopping 387 athletes from all three divisions, McMenamin finished the race in 21:23 and crossed the finish line three seconds ahead of the second place finisher. McMenamin’s finish helped launch the Garnet to 10th place out of the 45 teams that competed from all three divisions.

The men’s team competed in the Paul Short 8K run (which included 354  runners from all three divisions and 39 teams total). Paul Green ’15 led the way for the Garnet and finished in 105th place in 25:58. Corey Branch ’17 finished second for the Garnet in 26:12.

Both teams will compete in their final meet this Saturday in the Inter-Regional Border Battle before facing their conference opponents in the Centennial Conference Championships hosted by Johns Hopkins on October 31.


The men’s golf team tied for seventh place with Gettysburg College this past weekend in the Mason-Dixon Classic. Dan Altieri ’19 continued to lead the way for the Garnet and carded a par 72 on the first day and 76 on the second. This performance follows his two prior first-place wins, which were his first two collegiate tournaments as well. His outstanding performance thus far earned him the title of Centennial Conference’s Golfer of the Week last Tuesday.

On the second day of the tournament, Nick DiMaio ’19, Drew Langan ’17 and Michael Chen ’17 all followed close behind Altieri and shot 77, 78 and 79, respectively.

The men will travel to the Patriot’s Glen National Golf Club this weekend to compete in the Revolutionary Collegiate Classic hosted by Ursinus College.

Weekend Roundup

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Men’s Soccer

The men’s soccer team (4-6, 1-2 CC) attempted a late comeback against Centennial Conference opponent Johns Hopkins this past weekend, but time was ultimately not on their side. The result was a 3-2 loss against the Blue Jays. Both of the Garnet’s goals were made within four minutes of each other late in the game during the 79th and 82nd minute. However, the remaining seven minutes proved to be not enough time to even the score.

Both of the Garnet’s goals were netted by freshmen. The first was scored by Saadiq Garba ’19, who headed in a pass from Kyle Richmond-Crosset ’19. Richmond-Crosset followed Garba’s lead and recorded the second goal of the game soon after. Goalie Tyler Zon ’16 finished with a total of 3 saves, all in the first period.

However, the men were able to rally their first conference win against Muhlenberg College and finished the game with a 2-0 win.

The men will travel to their fourth conference game of the season against Ursinus College this Saturday.


Field Hockey

The women’s field hockey team (1-7, 0-3) lost their second conference game of the season after falling to Dickinson College this past weekend 3-1. Erin Gluck ’16 scored the only goal for the Garnet midway through the first period and found the back of the net off of a pass from Clare Perez ’18. Goalkeeper Ainsley Parrish ’16 recorded a career-high 20 saves on the 38 shots taken by Dickinson compared to the Garnet’s six shots.

Last night, the women were bested again by conference opponents in their match against Ursinus College. The Grizzly Bears began the game with an early lead and scored six goals in the first half and two goals in the second half which resulted in a 8-0 loss for the Garnet.

The team looks toward ending their losing streak this Saturday against Johns Hopkins at home.



The Garnet (12-3, 2-0 CC) bumped their seven match winning streak up to 10 and added another team to their list of fallen opponents as they defeated Dickinson 3-0 at home in their first conference game this weekend. Sarah Wallace ’18 led the way for the Garnet and completed the double-double, finishing with 16 kills and 10 digs. Wallace was also named Centennial Co-Player of the Week last week for her performance on the court, registering a season-high 19 kills against out-of-conference opponent Lebanon Valley.

Like Wallace, Sarah Girard ’19 and Madison Heppe ’16 both completed the match with double-figures for digs with 15 and 10, respectively. Malia Scott ’18 also contributed to the win against Dickinson, registering a career high six service aces out of the 15 recorded in the match.

Last night, the women continued their winning streak and defeated Widener in all three sets.

The Garnet have their eyes set on continuing their winning streak as they travel to Baltimore to face Johns Hopkins this Saturday.


Weekend Roundup

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To say it was a good weekend for the Garnet would be an understatement. Swarthmore teams pounded their opponents and ultimately compiled a 7-0 record. Ultimately, if these teams continue to play at their current levels, more championships might just be on the way.

Women’s Soccer:

Last Saturday, the Garnet (4-0) were posed with their toughest task of the season: Rowan University. Not only was Rowan ranked 14th in the nation at the time, but they also trounced the Garnet last season (a 4-1 loss). This year, however, the Garnet would have their revenge.

Right out of the gate, it was clear that the Garnet would not allow a repeat of last year occur. In the 6th minute, Marin McCoy ’19 set the tone, heading in her fourth goal of the year. On that play, the goalie slipped as she was coming out to play the ball, leaving McCoy alone for the easy header.

After that goal, Rowan never regained its footing. In the 61st minute McCoy added another goal and, just eight minutes later, Hannah Lichtenstein ’17 notched her fifth goal of the year. Swarthmore would not relinquish the lead, ultimately emerging victorious by a score of 3-0.

With the win, Swarthmore improved to 4-0 with a whopping 28-0 goal differential. In fact, the impressive performance was enough to catapult the Garnet into the national rankings. As a result, when they open their conference season this Saturday at Franklin & Marshall, the 20th-ranked Garnet should have all the confidence they need.

Men’s Soccer:

After dropping the first two games of the season, the Garnet (3-2) have rebounded nicely. Last week, the Garnet won all three of their games including a 1-0 contest against Wilkes University.

In that game, the Garnet dominated the action, outshooting Wilkes 24-4. However, it took some time before Swarthmore was able to find the back of the net. In the 59th minute, Michael Nafziger ’18 did just that. He broke the drought after converting a pass from Alec McLean ’16.

The Swarthmore back end, led by goalie Ross Bednar ’18, was able to preserve the 1-0 lead. The victory gave Bednar his first career clean sheet and his first collegiate victory.

The Garnet will look to continue its winning ways this weekend at Franklin & Marshall.

Field Hockey

This year, the Garnet (1-2) have been showing some signs of promise. Last Saturday, they defeated Immaculata 8-2. In the game, scoring was not hard to come by. Clare Perez ’18 and Erin Gluck ’16 both recorded two goals, whereas Jordyn Bell ’17, Katherine Ianni ’17, Ursula Monaghan ’17, and Julia Thomas ’16 each scored one. Goaltender Ainsley Parrish ’16 recorded her fourth career college victory.

The Garnet will open their conference season at home this Saturday against Franklin & Marshall.

Women’s Tennis

Last weekend, Swarthmore hosted the Swat Invite, a three-team tournament. Each team member played a total of four matches. Overall, it was a solid showing for the Garnet. Anna Scheibmeir ’18, Rachel Hechinger ’19 and Ashley Gao ’18 all went 4-0. Meanwhile, Rachel Bronkema ’18, Alli Wong ’17, Amanda Izes ’19, and Jackie Lane ’16 all went 3-1.

Though the team starts their conference season in the spring, on September 29 the team will travel to Fredericksburg, VA for their second and final fall tournament.


With a 9-1 Conference record in 2014, the Swarthmore volleyball team has incredibly high expectations for this season. And so far, it looks as if those expectations can be met. This weekend, the Garnet (6-3) won the Greensboro College Invitational. Swarthmore dominated in all four matches, capturing 12 of 13 sets. In their championship performance, Swarthmore received contributions from many members of the team.

Sam Dubois ’16 and Sarah Wallace ’18 were both named to the All-Tournament team (Wallace was also the tournament MVP), Olivia Leventhal registered 56 total kills, Malia Scott ’18 had eight aces, and Sarah Girard ’19 had 44 digs.

The team travels to Neumann College for a tournament this weekend and will open its conference season on September 26 against Dickinson.

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