Athlete of the Week: Quinn Basewitz ’23

With an exceptional record of 7-2, the Swarthmore women’s field hockey team has been flying through their fall season with fierce intensity. Quinn Basewitz, a sophomore from Collingswood, NJ, has been a key midfielder in the Garnet’s season, scoring an overtime goal in their game against Cabrini University. Traveling to Westminster, MD on Saturday, October 9, the field hockey team will face McDaniel College.

AS: What attracted you to Swarthmore’s field hockey program?

QB: I really liked the coaches and was excited to be a part of a growing program that I could contribute to. I think the biggest thing for me was being able to continue playing a sport I love while being at a top academic institution. With that combination, I looked forward to being on a team with other athletes that thought about the game similarly to the way I do — we have a lot more tactical conversations than previous teams I’ve been a part of and we know the game really well. Even when we don’t execute on a play we always know what we SHOULD have done (or ask), and that’s really exciting and new for me.

AS: What is your major and why?

QB: My majors are math with an emphasis in statistics and computer science, and I’m also doing a teaching certification with educational studies. I’ve always loved math and stats but want to use the applications and keep thinking about how people think about math. It’s been really fun working as a Pirate for Math 25 and having placements in Philly schools for my ed classes, and I’ve found a great combination of Math, CS, and Ed doing research with Ann Renninger. In the future, I’m hoping to do something in math education — maybe quantitative research or curriculum development after teaching for a few years — we will see!!

AS: What are your personal and team goals for this season?

QB: Our team goals in the beginning of the season were to strengthen our team culture on and off the field with maintaining the energy and enthusiasm and keeping it fun together, and also to make the postseason playoffs. We’re doing a great job with the first goal, and hopefully we keep playing the way we are to reach the second goal! My personal goals were pretty similar but also just to be more confident and comfortable on the field. I’ve definitely grown a lot as a player since freshman year, and this is making it so much more fun to play, too.

AS: What are your pre- and post-game rituals?

QB: I have a rainbow pom-pom hair tie that I always wear for games. That and my pink grip on my stick make me easy to spot on the field. Post-home games our families put together tailgates and it’s really nice to celebrate with everyone after!

AS: What is the most important lesson that you have learned from your time on the team?

QB: To be patient; we’ve put in a lot of work these past few years and it’s exciting to see it paying off. Also to make sure I am having fun with everything I do — that’s been a big focus within our team and it’s translating to how we play together and contributing to our success. Both of these are super important outside of sports, especially in an environment as intense as Swarthmore.

AS: What has been your favorite moment of the season thus far?

QB: My overtime goal was exciting and it was fun to feel like a celebrity for a few minutes, but I am most proud of our team regarding the Hopkins game.  We didn’t win but we put up a really good fight and proved to ourselves (and hopefully the conference) that we are a great team. We came in with a low preseason conference ranking and wanted to show that the coaches in our conference had made a mistake in underestimating us. Hopefully we will see Hopkins again in the postseason. 

AS: Favorite Sharples bar?

QB: Honestly the lines are so long that I’ve waited in the bar line maybe twice this semester. The vegetarian line and the panini press are the way to go. I do wait for Indian bar. It’s not great Indian food but not-great Indian food is still good. 

AS: Favorite place to study?

QB: I’m always in one of three places. The comfy chairs in Sci are the best in the morning, then Sharples sitting is great if I have a lot of time (It’s wonderful for people-watching; if you think I’m staring and being nosy, I probably am), and then, if I have time, I like working in the Field House before practice. 

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