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Champions League continues through semi-finals

The UEFA Champions League Tournament has been whittled down to four remaining teams. Coincidentally, these four teams all hail from different domestic leagues in Europe. There’s Real Madrid, the two-time defending winners of the tournament from Spain’s La Liga. There’s Bayern Munich, who have won the German Bundesliga in 10 of the last 14 seasons.… Keep Reading


Living our values

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has been troubling for many years, but as a result of the Israeli Defense Forces’ attacks on Gaza protesters this spring, we have noticed far more media attention on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than past atrocities in the conflict. In the last month, the I.D.F. has killed more than 30 Palestinians… Keep Reading

On objectivity: a commitment to coverage in context

  In journalism, we are tasked with maintaining objectivity — with communicating truth, with presenting the facts, with providing the necessary information for readers to decide themselves what the right answer is to a situation. At the Phoenix, we recognize that the notion of objectivity is loaded, so our commitment to objectivity is a specific… Keep Reading


RnM, Terpsichore, and Ajoyo Spring Show a Success

The Rhythm and Motion and Terpsichore show on Friday, one of the most anticipated and attended performances of the year, exceeded expectations. The show consisted of thirteen RnM pieces and five from Terpsichore, with one piece from the Bryn Mawr group Ajoyo. RnM’s doesn’t have a single style, but in the past, it has been… Keep Reading


Revisiting Phillies’ season predictions after one month

Almost one month into the M.L.B. regular season, which started on March 29 of this year — the earliest Opening Day in league history — and the Philadelphia Phillies have played 21 games. As with every year and every team, baseball analysts and fans alike made predictions in the winter and early spring about the… Keep Reading

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Engaging to Disengage: Mark Wallace Inaugurates the Faculty Fast for Divestment

When Professor Mark Wallace first came to Swarthmore, he introduced one of the first environmental studies courses into the religion department curriculum: “Religion and Ecology”, a course he still teaches today. Recently, in keeping with the widespread darkening of our environmental future, he has added a new course offering that also pairs religious and environmental… Keep Reading


Student-run Asian American studies course will be offered in the fall

Earlier this semester, Swarthmore Asian Organization announced that the college will be offering the student-run course “Introduction to Asian American Studies” in the education studies department. The course will cover topics such as the history of Asian American immigration, present-day intermarriage, and the existence of the model minority stereotype. According to Friends Historical Library archives… Keep Reading

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Strictly Good Advice

Strictly Good Advice, I have no plans this summer, but people keep asking me what I’m doing. How do I give them an answer? Thanks, E. Hello E., and thank you for your question. I’ll get right to the advice. I suspect, because you’re asking and unsure, that telling the truth is not (on its… Keep Reading

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