The 9 3/4 of Sharples: The Free Zone

There is a place in Sharples that is hidden in plain sight: the free zone. Unknown to many and all too familiar to some, it is a unique place. Every time I enter the dining hall with my friends, I repeat the


Reflecting On One Year Into the Pandemic: Staff Profiles

These staff profiles of community members who worked through the spring and summer of 2020 during the onset of the pandemic were done as interviews by students in Professor Diane Anderson’s course, Literacies & Social Identities, which explores various facets and relationships


On Nourishment

When I was debating whether or not to come to Swarthmore, I called up an alum that I knew through a friend of a friend and asked for the full rundown on everything the school had to offer. We talked for over

New Sharples to Feature Open Spaces, Broadened Food Options

The new Dining and Community Commons project, which will be tentatively completed around Fall 2023, is set to expand dining options and offer new student lounge spaces. The design has won praise for its natural lighting and open spaces. This new structure

Sharples Introduces New “Squirrel Bar”

Students eating lunch at Sharples on November 26th were greeted by an unfamiliar friendly smile, beaming from a small squirrel who had positioned himself comfortably behind the radiator near the back entrance to the building. Peeping his head out from his alcove,

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