Allergic to Swarthmore?

Students who suffer from food allergies may have found their newest, and most surprising ally in the form of the United States Justice Department. On December 20th of last year, the Department announced an agreement with Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass., ensuring

Swatties Screw their Roommates

Components required for a successful Screw: a costume (preferably embarrassing), dinner on a paper plate, a sense of humor, and hopefully a reliable roommate. Screw Your Roommate is one of those Swat marvels that could only happen here, and it remains one


Where Is Harry’s Gringotts Vault When You Need It?

This year’s Yule Ball will feature the usual wizard rockers, enchanting decorations, and magical food and drink, but on a significantly tighter budget than in years past, as the Student Budget Committee (SBC) decreased funding last spring for the Social Affairs Committee

It Starts With Hello

Hey everyone! Slam, here and I’m bringing you my bi-weekly column “Real Talk With Slam” again. This week I will be talking about something that has irked me for sometime, now. It’s the manners that seem to disappear when people enter Sharples.

Comparing Meal Plans: Where Do College Students Eat Best?

Apparently, not every liberal arts college student dines like Swatties do at Sharples. Vassar and Sarah Lawrence College have varying meal plans, menus, and facilities, despite their similar demographics and geographic locations. Vassar is located in Poughkeepsie, New York. Although it serves

Sharples Shake-Up

Old Favorites Make Exciting New Deals It’s the first week back! The health center is renovated, Worth courtyard is spruced up, and the first-years are wide-eyed and fresh-faced. But for all these changes, our old faithful Sharples is still serving up familiar

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