Fall Screw: Making a New Swarthmore Tradition

On Saturday, Oct. 23, kings and queens, pirates, frogs, the sun and moon, Daphne and Fred, and many other creatures and characters all dined in Sharples on blind dates. The much beloved Screw Your Roommate tradition was back in action, but this


Dish-Lifters: The Unsung Heroes of Sharples

It’s 1:05 p.m. on a Tuesday in Sharples. People everywhere are frantically chugging their last bits of juice and stuffing their belongings into bags. Some are even power-perusing the last twenty pages of their readings before their 1:15 p.m. seminars. Soon, people

Freshman Falls

Dear my inner psyche,  I deliver yet another shipment of overwhelming mysteries unsolved by a weary “detective.” The freshman experience is all that’s on my mind now. Let’s talk about it?!? No reply (I mean, I am talking to you who is

The View from Bryn Mawr’s Dining Hall

Bryn Mawr dining hall food is objectively better than Sharples food*. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I take a class there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and as of writing this article, I have eaten exactly six meals at Bryn Mawr; I

The 9 3/4 of Sharples: The Free Zone

There is a place in Sharples that is hidden in plain sight: the free zone. Unknown to many and all too familiar to some, it is a unique place. Every time I enter the dining hall with my friends, I repeat the