A Constellation of Memory

The sun sank toward eye-level as I walked to Beardsley Hall, clad in my “most flamboyant patterned shirt,” as per Sarah Diamond’s request. “I have an idea,” she warned me at the end of her email invitation.Her idea, it turned out, was

Giant Squids in the Rain

The Giant Squid presentation was a real relief. I drove here from my apartment in West Philly on Saturday night to see it, and about five minutes out the door, the rain started pouring. It’s dangerous how badly my car skids in

Suggestions for Singles

One thing I love about being back on campus, besides the various forms of free contraceptives, is getting some critiques of my column that extend beyond obscure bible passages condemning it. I’ve gotten some good reviews, and I’ve gotten some bad ones.

Plenty of Fish Outside the Bubble

The Quaker Matchbox, The Swat Marriage, The Sharples Run-In With Last Night’s Drunken Paces Hook-Up: for some, these relationships are an enduring facet of campus life, an inevitable consequence of the Swarthmore social scene. What other options are there? We’re hopeless intellectuals

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