You may want to avoid those awkward glances

Well Swarthmore, here it is: new year, new ass. Disorientation, rumor has it (I had one cosmo too many to recall), was full of new couples, whether they were conjoined for one hazy night or more permanently, for that haphazardous miracle that

For some students, college firsts include sex

Molly* ’15 came into college without ever having been in a long-term relationship. She was a virgin and the least sexually experienced of her female friends — but she had plans to change that. “I actually came to Swat and was like,

Rough sex, hitting the elusive three and sex tapes

Why don’t boys like me? — LonelyGirl95 Dearest LonelyGirl95, Are you really certain that’s the case? Love is a battlefield and sometimes words can’t communicate the horrors of war effectively. A radical approach to this would be to redefine your weapons of

Delving into the ethics of swooping

For the past few weeks, the rumor mill has buzzed with one word. It seems to seep through most happenings and pieces of gossip: swooping. The Kohlberg coffee bar is host to hushed whispers of “did that really happen last Saturday?” and