The Hookup Rollercoaster

How do you write an article on the culture of hookups and relationships? This culture deserves a book because it is one of the most complex and ambiguous topics I have ever come across. With that being said, welcome to my column

An exercise in entropy

It’s an oft-stated and well-treaded fact that systems tend toward disorder. This tendency is called entropy, and to say that systems tend towards disorder is to say that the available energy in a system (energy that is available for work) decreases. Another

Finding one’s own adventures in kink

Sex is a pretty stigmatised thing. It’s even more stigmatised when it isn’t vanilla sex between two cishet people. Which is why sex education, for those of you lucky enough to have had it, never ever covers anything kinky. Ever. Kink is

Quirky’s a myth and you’re still alone, sorry

Unsurprisingly, given last week’s column, I’m still single. I’d given myself one week as the final bracket within which I could logistically find a successful partner at Swarthmore and failed just as badly as I did on my CHEM10H final. In light

Just another hypothetical scenario

I’ve written about them before, I’ll write about them again. Hometown exes are difficult. Here is the most recent, purely hypothetical as always, iteration of the issue. You return home expecting to catch up with a summer fling. The fling was fun,