Personal Tidbits: Sex Advice for the Road

As I sit on my windowsill listening to the animated chatter from Parrish Beach echo throughout campus, I realize that this Swattie behavior signifies the beginning of the end. For most of you, it’s just the end of the semester. You’ll be

What I Learned About Sex From Cosmo

In last edition of The Phoenix, my lovely editors gave me the title of the “Campus’ Favorite Sex Columnist.” Though I am very flattered by the title, I have to admit, I can’t imagine myself being anyone’s sexual sage. This is not

Double Indulgence: Working Out Roommate Kinks

The housing lottery is fast approaching. Finding a roommate can be a stressful process. We’re Swatties, after all, and we have a tendency to perceive most tasks, big or small, significant or insignificant, hard or soft, as stressful. It’s part of our

Confidential to a Friend

I was very upset when I received your letter this week, X. I had no idea that this was what you’ve been going through for the last two years. I apologize for not being a more attentive friend; I truly was clueless.

Sex: Your Questions and Answers

This week is dedicated to reader questions. Feel free to send along any of your questions about sex, relationships, sexuality, or sexual health. The nastier, the better. The tamer, the better. Anything you got, I’ll answer. You can submit questions by sending

Suggestions for Singles

One thing I love about being back on campus, besides the various forms of free contraceptives, is getting some critiques of my column that extend beyond obscure bible passages condemning it. I’ve gotten some good reviews, and I’ve gotten some bad ones.

Tips for First Years: Getting It In At College

Ah, the beginning of my final year at Swat, the only college where students have more homework than sex. Regardless of how much (or how little) sex happens on this campus, I’m happy to be a sexually deactivated student here. And since

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