Movement Mania: Theater Course Fascinates and Bewilders

Assistant Visiting Professor of Theater Quinn Bauriedel’s “Movement Theater” course is arguably the most out-there course offered at Swarthmore College. Those theater classes you’ve heard about where students roll around on the ground? — this is it. It’s also an extraordinarily moving

Theater Review: Production Ensemble’s “Three Sisters”

Production Ensemble’s Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, was incredible. The show was performed on LPAC mainstage this past weekend, with an exceptional cast, a huge set, and Russian music that blasted over loudspeakers between acts. The costumes, particularly the soldier’s uniforms, were

Three Sisters, Triple the Fun

Fear not, Students of Swarthmore. Your weekends of plodding wearily from a highly contentious frat party to a socially acceptable Paces party are over. Those moments of gazing mournfully at LPAC on your way from the Science building to Sharples, wishing that

“American Idiot” at Merriam Theater: BAM

BAM. That’s the feeling I got after watching the opening number of Broadway’s smash-hit musical “American Idiot,” performed this week (through Sunday February 17th) at the Merriam Theater. BAM. Like, what just happened. Like, that was awesome. If there ever was a


Committment-Conscious Cabaret

Do you want to be in a musical at Swarthmore, but just don’t have the time? Paolo Debuque ’15 and Audrey Edelstein ’15 bring you Cabaret Night: excellent musical theater with a low time commitment. Life at Swat can be hectic. Between

Once More, With Feeling

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling. Students ante in for the first round of misery poker (I bet my winter break was more stressful than yours). Seniors try to figure out where “I acted in a lot of plays”

Apparate to Paces for a Mind Fuck

With tears in his sometimes green, sometimes blue eyes, Josh McLucas ’15 related the sometimes tragic, often challenging, ever exciting process of creating “The Horizon (Line): Salvador Dali Fucks With You For An Hour In Paces,” the first devised piece by Swarthmore’s

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