Football’s Safety Back in Public Debate

One week before the Superbowl is to be played Ed Reed, the Ravens safety, claimed that with the move by the league to prevent injuries through introducing new rules and giving extra protection to offensive players that football will probably not exist

The Difference Between the Fan and the Businessman

I was going to write about my obsession and skills at Football Manager, but that was during break and now I have found something else much more important to write about. The sacking of Nigel Adkins by Southampton came as a bit

Why Hasn’t Soccer Evolved Like Other Sports?

There was a very interesting moment in the MNF game between the Redskins and the Giants when Bennett, having just caught a touchdown, went to the fans and was cheered on by both Giants and Redskins fans, despite the mutual dislike between

Players Need to Adjust to Prevent Concussions

This weekend Jay Cutler, Alex Smith and Michael Vick all suffered concussions that changed the games that they were in. A concussion is never a nice thing for the injured party but it also messes up the team that has the injured

Being a Fan About More Than Winning Championships

Why can’t people support smaller clubs abroad? I don’t want anyone to be annoyed by this article. Don’t be annoyed. But why does everyone who watches any football automatically choose a team from the top six of the Premier League or, less

Rookie QBs Looking Good

Rookie quarterbacks have been judged and reassessed before and during this season like no other season. With the debut of five new starting quarterbacks to the NFL, all fresh out of college and thrown into the deep end, it is always worth

MLS Can’t Control Clubs’ Finances

I had to spend a long time thinking about this article. I didn’t know what to write about at all. The thing about fall break is that once I come back I have to start all over again. Usually I have a

Cutler’s Mentality Not the Problem

Two years ago, Jay Cutler pulled out of the NFC Championship game with a sprained MCL. Cutler was withdrawn from the biggest game of his career after a dismal first half against the Packers, having had shown little hope of improving. But

Referees, Players Need to Agree on Fouls

What do soccer and the swimming pool have in common? Diving. Once upon a time in an English school, I was taught how to play soccer in a unique style. At this school, there was a math teacher called Mr. Snell, who

Foosball: A Sport for All of Us

I have a hobby that I like to indulge in some evenings. It’s vigorous, works up a sweat, and involves a huge amount of wrist strength. Every Thursday night I take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to