Donald Sterling and advertising ignorance

Donald Sterling managed to make himself the most hated man in basketball with a ten-minute audio recording. Sterling told his girlfriend that she could associate with African Americans in private, but she couldn’t bring them to Clippers games. This led to outrage

Surprises to come at the bottom of the league

While the title race in the Premier League is down to just three teams with Arsenal’s complete collapse in February and March, it is less clear what is occurring at the bottom of the league. Until three games ago, all the teams

Victory at last

Last week, the players of the Northwestern University football team were granted permission by the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board to unionize after they were recognized as employees of the university. Northwestern and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Roberto Martinez and the future of soccer

While Everton manager Roberto Martinez appears conservative on the outside, his tactics and approach to the game are as unorthodox as former English national team coach Alf Ramsey’s use of the flying wingbacks or Rinus Michels’ invention of total football that is

Why is the Ukrainian soccer team still playing matches?

Originally I was going to write this week’s article on the controversy surrounding the World Cup given that it is just under 100 days away from starting. Given the amount of trouble that the Brazilian Football Association (FA) is in to get

Putin’s show

Let’s face it: the Sochi Olympics were never going to be anything but amazing. That isn’t because of the level of competition. It’s not because of the record beating scores or the new team figure skating event. They were going to be

On Peyton Manning

When Denver fans called for Tebow to play and lead the team to the playoffs, they thought they were receiving a divine power that would lead them to victory. They were simply following a false prophet and when John Elway sent him

Greg Abbott and the unheard of managers

At the end of last season, the longest serving managers with one club included Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes. At the beginning of this season, the longestserving managers in the Football League were Arsene Wenger and the unheard-of Greg Abbott of

Transfer window mayhem in European football

When FIFA enforced a mandatory transfer window for the 2002/3 season they believed that it would be beneficial to the game by providing structure. Previously deals could be struck at any point during the season: players could switch teams whenever they wanted

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