New rules set to change soccer’s balance of power

Last week Rangers F.C., the Scottish Champions, went into administration (a state of being unable to pay their debts) after they were unable to pay their tax bill. Rangers currently owe Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs around £49 million and have not

The English Patient: choosing England’s new manager

On Feb. 9, the highest-paid manager in football resigned. Fabio Capello left an England team that he was set to manage at the European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine this summer. Capello spoke out against the decision by the English Football

Predicting the future from past results: a losing battle

This article is being written while the Super Bowl is playing on a screen in front of me. Other than being mesmerised by Wes Welker’s perfect moustache, I am realizing that previous results mean little in predicting a winner. The battle between

How responsible are managers for their players?

Early last season, Fulham captain Danny Murphy became engaged in a war of words with the Wolverhampton Wanderers manager over the role of the manager in getting players overly excited during games. Murphy’s comments were in response to the challenge by Wolves

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