Hubris and Soccer

“The ambition of this club was presented to me by the chairman and the coach and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I have many dreams at QPR, to play well for the fans, the manager, the chairman and myself and eventually

Rub of the green: Barca and Bayern Munich

To all the Barcelona lovers out there: it may be time to give up your claim to being the best team in Europe. Barcelona was just shown how to play football by the new best team in the world, Bayern Munich. Some

Politics and the Beautiful Game

The appointment of Paolo Di Canio as Sunderland manager two weeks ago led to controversy due to his previous admission to being a fascist. Di Canio being appointed as Sunderland manager led to the resignation of former Foreign Minister David Miliband from

Free Agency Making Waves in NFL

My favorite part of the football season is when Fulham beat Tottenham at White Hart Lane for the first time in ten years, but in second place comes the summer transfer window. It’s not that I don’t like watching football— if I

The North London Derby

North London Derby The game between Arsenal and Tottenham was built up this previous week as a test of Arsenal’s mettle and to see whether the Spurs under Villas-Boas had improved enough to beat their rival. In the end it seemed fair

Will The Clasico Be a Classic?

What we have this week is really a treat, with Real Madrid fighting to save their season and to begin 2013 on the front foot. The match on Tuesday against Barcelona in the second leg of their Copa del Rey clash was

The Rise and Fall of Paul Gascoigne

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Gazza was and still is the greatest mistake of English footballing history. The “Hand of God” incident ranks pretty highly, but that was the fault of a Mr. Nasser, a lovely man I’m sure but a

Guardiola Setting Bayern Munich Up To Be Powerhouse

Controversial topics are usually my favorite and I was going to write about how Ray Lewis’s triceps were either repaired by a Christmas miracle or, more likely, by other man-made miracles that may or may not have been previously on the head