An Exquisite Corpse Brims with Life

“An Exquisite Corpse” as directed by Rohan Hejmadi ’21 and Amaechi Abuah ’21 brought the apocalypse to the audience. On February 22, 2019, at the main stage of the Lang Performing Arts Center, four actors played in one of the most varied

Darkness and Light Resound in “The Pillowman”

At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 2, the Frear Ensemble Theater in LPAC transformed from a generally unassuming room to a claustrophobic police questioning room in some all-too-near authoritarian dictatorship. As a high-pitched, gritty sound played over the speakers in the theater,

Auditions Behind the Tempest

Last week, Yellow Stockings held auditions for their upcoming performance of Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest”. Individual auditions were held for both actors and dancers in the Scheuer Room of Kohlberg and the Troy Dance Lab. There was a great turnout of 31 people

Amazing Talent at the Playwright’s Festival

Last weekend Swarthmore’s Drama Board put on a Playwrights festival in Olde Club. This event featured five plays and writers, six directors, 22 different actors, and also the help of many other students. Walking into Olde Club, one could notice the cozy

Theater Students “Revolt” in Acting Capstone

This past weekend, students in this academic year’s acting capstone performed in a production of  “Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.” by British playwright Alice Birch. The entire project, culminating in four runs of the show in the LPAC Frear Ensemble Theater with

Building Communities in Yellow Stockings

As the lights dim in Upper Tarble, the last of the audience members take their seats, and murmurs fade away into silence. The actors are scattered behind the curtain, some peeking through its narrow seam as others tightly clutch their props, preparing

Production ensemble won’t say “As You Like It”

Directed by Professor Alex Torra of the department of theater, “As You Like It” gave audiences a rare chance to hear Shakespeare’s work performed in the dialect in which it was originally staged. The theater department’s latest production ran for four shows

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