One Act Festival Offers Disparate Drama

The annual One Act Festival kicked off in LPAC mainstage on Friday, with a matinée the following afternoon and a final performance Saturday night. The festival consisted of three original half-hour plays, all written, directed, produced, and acted by students. The show

Bedroom Scene Breaks Boundaries on Stage

Last weekend on LPAC main stage a student theater production took place, transforming the grand space into an intimate environment between student and actor. With a bed as its centerpiece, actors wandered around on stage before the show began, in a moment

Artist of the Week Fouad Dakwar on The Political Nature of Art

“I have this notebook from fourth grade, my songwriting notebook,” Fouad Dakwar ’22 recalls. “I didn’t know how to notate [songs] or anything, it’s just lyrics, but ever since then I’ve been making melodies.” Fouad Dakwar, a music and theatre honors special

An Exquisite Corpse Brims with Life

“An Exquisite Corpse” as directed by Rohan Hejmadi ’21 and Amaechi Abuah ’21 brought the apocalypse to the audience. On February 22, 2019, at the main stage of the Lang Performing Arts Center, four actors played in one of the most varied

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