Michelle Johnson ’16 directs Chekhov’s “The Seagull”

Last weekend, the play “The Seagull,” written by Anton Chekhov, translated by Paul Schmidt, and directed by Michelle Johnson ’16, was performed in the Frear Theater in LPAC. Upon entering the dark performance space, the audience was greeted with Russian folk music

Dr. Amanda Kemp brings black women to the forefront

Last Wednesday, a number of students, faculty, and staff members filed into the Scheuer room for an evening with Dr. Amanda Kemp, renowned artist, educator, and activist. The event, titled “#SayHerName: Making Black Women’s Lives Matter,” was presented by both the Women’s

Theater, dance, orchestra combine in “Soldat”

This past Saturday night, Swarthmore’s resident musical ensemble Orchestra 2001 performed Stravinsky’s “Histoire du soldat,” along with a collection of pieces composed and arranged by students and alumni. The performance of “Histoire du soldat,” which was conducted by current Swarthmore lecturer Andrew

Rosie Langabeer discuss music and theater collaboration

Rosie Langabeer, an award-winning musician and experimental composer, came to campus on Thurs. January 28 to lead a discussion with a group of faculty and students about music and theater and dance collaborations. Langabeer, who is a native of New Zealand, was

Audiences spend a few hours in Ross’s garden of theater

Patrick Ross’s Directing Thesis, “Here in My Garden,” took audiences in the four times-packed Frear theater across time and space to a place where “infamous” women converge. The hauntingly beautiful score, engaging performances, and often hysterical script made up for the two

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