Revenge, a dish best served fresh on the Swarthmore stage

When you see primetime news reports about civilian casualties in the Middle East, mass shootings in United States grade schools and movie theaters, and unwarranted law enforcement brutality in urban settings, you don’t think Swarthmore College theater. However, theatre major Josh McLucas

Playwright Sam “Swift” Shuker-Haines ’14 debuts thesis work

Sad kids and queer love: that’s how Sam “Swift” Shuker-Haines ‘14 describes their Honors Playwriting Thesis, read at the Lang Performing Arts Centre last week. Titled “The Real World Will Never Arrive,” the staged reading was directed by Professor Adriano Shaplin from

The Need for Femininity in Physics

Imagine finding these lines in a physics textbook: “A woman is pushing a stroller with velocity V… A woman is giving birth, having contractions at rate W… A woman is scrubbing the kitchen floor with force F…” This is a quote from

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