The Frontera Project: A Conversation on Connection

I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I decided to attend a showing of the Frontera Project here at Swarthmore. From what I could gather from the posters printed across campus, the Frontera Project was an interactive theatrical

TOAP: Swarthmore’s Production Ensemble Goes Virtual

Marketed as a webinar aimed to change your life, I knew little of The Theater of All Possibilities prior to entering the show. Swarthmore’s website seemed intent on keeping me in the dark, describing TOAP as “a method, a community, and a

BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! NOIR — The Cigarette Stubs Version

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire based on a previously published interview with director Alex Torra. This work aims to satirize the student journalist’s creative process rather than the play BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS or the interviewee. The circumstances surrounding the interview

Fashioning a New Course: THEA014c

As a Studio Art major, I constantly search for new art forms and ways to learn different mediums. Trained and focused as a painter, I have plunked my brush into lots of wet paint —  watercolor, oil, gauche, acrylic, ink. Always fascinated

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