SBC Minutes: (March 27, 2017) – Funding New Student Organizations

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.


OASIS is a platform through which students can write, watch, and perform poetry and slam poetry. The group requested $590.00 in funding for the lodging of six people for three nights. The six students are attending a CUPSI poetry invitational in Chicago from April 12, 2017 through April 15, 2017. The group has already reached out to the Dean’s Office and received funding for airfare. The group has also reached out to multiple academic departments but has not yet received any responses. There was a proposal for full funding; the proposal passed with one member voting against the proposal.

Quiz Bowl

Swarthmore College Quiz Bowl requested a total of $1030.09 in funding for a van surplus charge from a previous tournament ($72.59), a nationals cancellation fee ($207.50), a Princeton tournament registration fee ($115.00), transportation to the Princeton tournament ($100.00), food for a “trivia night” ($150.00), a buzzer system ($250.00), and a storage case for the buzzer system ($15.00). The van surplus charge was considered retroactive and so this request was not funded. The request for food was also not funded; the Committee wanted an itemized breakdown of what foods the group plans to purchase. There was a proposal for full funding of the nationals cancellation fee, the Princeton tournament registration, and transportation to the Princeton tournament (a total of $365.00); the proposal passed unanimously. Discussion regarding the buzzer system and case were tabled for spring budgeting.

Zumba® @ Swarthmore

Zumba® @ Swarthmore requested $590.00 in funding for a Zumba® instructor ($560.00) and food for a study break ($30.00). The request for food was not funded; the Committee again wanted an itemized breakdown of what foods the group plans to purchase. There were some questions regarding payment of the instructor running the classes, as he is a Swarthmore student; these concerns were resolved after confirmation that the student is a certified Zumba® instructor. There was a proposal for funding of $560.00 for payment of the instructor; the proposal passed with one member voting against the proposal.


LaunchDeck is a group that plans to host events such as hackathons while also providing a platform for students to pursue personal and group projects involving domains and servers. The group requested a total of $1450.00 in funding: $1000.00 for project fees (involving domains, servers, and software), $150.00 for food, $200.00 for a banquet, and $100.00 for group supplies. The group has talked to the Computer Science Department, but the academic department only funds transportation requests for student organizations. The Committee requested itemization for the food, banquet, and group supplies. Due to a lack of clear information on the group’s part, the Committee did not take a vote. The Committee recommended that the group return for Spring Budgeting, particularly for funding of year-long subscription services that can begin in Fall 2017.


NuWave requested a total of $655.00 in funding: $120.00 for party supplies (cups, scissors, and tape), $300.00 for decorations (e.g. lights), $110.00 for advertising materials, $50.00 for food at the parties, and $75.00 for T-shirts that would designate a safety resource. The group has reached out to the Title IX Office, but they do not fund student organizations. Prior to their chartering, the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) funded NuWave’s requests for party supplies and decorations. There was a debate among Committee members regarding who should regularly fund the group in the future (i.e. SBC or the OSE). The requests for funding were tabled until SBC has a discussion with OSE.

Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers is a group that takes trips to areas of interest in Philadelphia. The group requested a total of $5600.00 in funding ($2800.00 for entrance fees to places like ice rinks and observation decks and $2800.00 for food from various cultural communities around Philadelphia). The Committee agreed that food was not considered integral to the group’s purpose; this request for funding was denied. In addition, since not all locations require an entrance fee, there was a request for a breakdown of trips planned for the remainder of the semester. The group will return next week with this itemization of trips.

Swarthmore Photographers

Swarthmore Photographers is a group dedicated to increasing interest in and lowering the cost of entry for both film and digital photography. The group requested a total of $770.00 in funding: $60.00 for travel expenses in the form of rental cars, $60.00 for food expenses during the photo trips, $300.00 for student film development subsidies, and $350.00 for group supplies that would include a “group pot” of supplies and equipment for members (a $200.00 tripod and $150.00 in film supplies). The Committee suggested the group seek funding from the Art Department; according to the representatives, the department is reluctant to fund the group until it appears “sustainable.” The group also approached Media Services, but their equipment is typically reserved for classes and publication services. The Committee requested the group have a member become van-certified, as they do not typically fund rental cars. More discussion will occur between the Committee members and Swarthmore Photographers before spring budgeting, particularly regarding the economic efficiency of rental cars versus the use of a van for local trips. There was a proposal by the Committee for $510.00 in funding, which included the travel expenses, film development subsidies, and film supply pot. The food expenses were not considered an integral part of the group’s mission, and the tripod was considered unnecessary at this point in time. The proposal passed with one member voting against the proposal.

Women + in Mathematics and Statistics (W+iMS)

Women + in Mathematics and Statistics requested $236.24 in funding: $60.00 in food for two events, $26.00 for stickers, and $150.24 for T-shirts. There was a proposal for $86.00 in funding for the food – the group had an itemized breakdown – and the stickers; the T-shirts were not considered integral at this point in time. The proposal passed unanimously with one Committee member abstaining from voting.

Swarthmore Olympic Weightlifting

Swarthmore Olympic Weightlifting seeks to train its club members in proper safety and technique for weightlifting. The group requested $600.00 to pay for five two-hour sessions with a certified weightlifting coach who passed an “extensive interview process” with the group. Swarthmore Athletics does not fund club sports. The Committee reminded the group that the coach funding limit is $1000.00 per semester, meaning that the group will need to renegotiate the price per lesson or host fewer lessons next year. Full funding was proposed and passed unanimously.

Underrepresented Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (US in STEM)

US in STEM requested $30.00 for food, $60.00 for advertising materials, $200.00 for a community-building banquet, and an unspecified amount for a trip to the Franklin Institute. There was a proposal for $210.00 in funding ($150.00 for the banquet and $60.00 for advertising materials); this proposal passed with one member voting against it.

Swarthmore Marksmanship Society

Swarthmore Marksmanship Society requested $900.00 in funding for three additional trips to the shooting range at $300.00 per trip. The group has already received $300.00 during the chartering process for one trip to the range from the Student Organizations Committee. The Marksmanship Society intends to take ten members per trip, introducing new people each time. According to the representative, there is a list of interested participants. There was a proposal for the funding of two additional trips ($600.00), after which the group will return if interest remains high; the proposal passed unanimously.

Swarthmore Foosball Club

The Foosball Club requested a total of $180.00 in funding: $30.00 for food at a tournament the group plans to host in April, $50.00 in supplies for maintenance and repair of the tables, and $100.00 for transportation to Mission Taqueria, a Philadelphia restaurant with foosball tables. The group’s request for transportation was based on the use of SEPTA; the Committee requested the group find a van-certified driver. The Committee tabled discussion on all funding for next week. They plan to discuss the maintenance of the foosball tables with OSE; the Committee believes OSE should be responsible for this funding.

Swarthmore Smash

Swarthmore Smash requested a total of $1050.00 in funding: $80.00 for four Nintendo Wii consoles, $120.00 for four controllers, $50.00 for four CRT televisions, $600.00 in transportation to a tournament in Colorado, and $200.00 for streaming equipment (i.e. capture card, webcam, and microphone). There was a proposal for $550.00 in funding for transportation to an alternative tournament in Pittsburgh ($300.00), the consoles ($80.00), the controllers ($120.00), and the televisions ($50.00); the proposal passed unanimously.

Women in Political Science (WiPS)

Women in Political Science (WiPS) requested a total of $123.00 for a mixer between faculty (four professors) and students (twenty to thirty political science students). The funds were requested for flowers ($52.00), $32.00 (vases), disposable cups ($7.00), disposable plates ($15.00), and disposable cutlery ($17.00). The flowers and vases were not considered essential to the mixer; the Committee decided against funding these decorations. There was a proposal for $39.00 in funding (cups, plates, and cutlery); the proposal passed unanimously.

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