The Heartbreakers of Willets Hall

To its inhabitants and some select ex-habitants, Willets Hall is infamously known as a den of thieves. Its scratched plaster walls are alive with larceny. Its shady tendencies have even extended to the local wildlife, as rats prowl the dank Willets basement

On My Chair

I bought the chair on a sunny Saturday afternoon, October 6, 2018, at a thrift sale outside the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church. A kind old man sold it to me for exactly one dollar. I did not have cash on me, so I

Things I’ve Found in Willets Basement

When it was confirmed I was moving from ML into Willets, I was overjoyed. Even though I wrote an article earlier this year about living in ML, I couldn’t wait to leave the “Sunday school” (as a friend jokingly called it) for

The Rats of Willets Basement

Dear Swarthmore Campus and Community, To put it simply, I am perplexed. As I write these words in my spacious bungalow on the first floor of Willets Hall, my fingers tremble in fear and confusion over the incapacitating debacle that I witnessed

A Defense of Willets

“I live in Willets.” “I’m so sorry for you.” That’s the response I usually get. Mention my dorm and I get comments about never-ending noise, the smell of certain medicinal plants, and the lack of A.C. And to be completely fair, those

Homecoming in Another Sense

When we write, it is best to write what we know. And not what we think we know, or what we would like to know. What I know is that I just moved into a new dorm, from Dana to Worth. I

Events at Disorientation spur reflection on drinking culture

During this year’s first party weekend, known as “Disorientation,” five college students were hospitalized due to intoxication and cited for underage drinking. In addition, according to Public Safety director Mike Hill, four other alcohol-related incidents occurred on the night of, Sept. 3.

Musings of Mariani

Fire alarms go off at odd times in the Willets dormitory, where I sleep and clean myself and occasionally work and socialize. Late one night near the end of the last semester, the alarm sounded, and we all filed out. It was