Artist of the Week Hillary Kim ’25 on Art for Its Own Sake

Hillary Kim ’25 is an applied math major. Yet, art permeates her life at Swarthmore. After attending an arts-oriented high school in California, art became Kim’s norm, a grounding and standard part of both her experience and expression.  “When I got here


Artist of the Week: Selma Wu ’25 on Visual Experiences

“I’m always a very visual person,” expressed Selma Wu ’25. During our interview, I came to realize that Selma is both humble and interdisciplinarily talented, having had no professional training in art but rather a lifelong experience with optical aesthetics. In fact,


On The Clothes of Mourning

This summer, I was seized with the need to un-stick myself. I had looked about myself and seen that I was sticking. That my lips were sticking. My ears. My fingers were becoming webbed. I looked down and saw my toes taped

Brown is the New Black

One of fashion’s most recent trends is a return to the basics. Neutral earth tones, once a seemingly boring style choice, have become well-put-together chic. Online stores have created front-page collections of cozy chocolates and crisp creams. TikTok and Instagram fashion influencers

Fashioning a New Course: THEA014c

As a Studio Art major, I constantly search for new art forms and ways to learn different mediums. Trained and focused as a painter, I have plunked my brush into lots of wet paint —  watercolor, oil, gauche, acrylic, ink. Always fascinated


The Art of Keeping Swatties Warm

As we zoom into December and temperatures drop, it is time to transition to a winter wardrobe. As a Southern Californian and someone who never lived anywhere below 60 degrees, I realized that I knew little about winter fashion. What is clear:

Fashion Forays

My friend and I published our first fashion catalogue when we were eight years old. With some old stubby pencils, we scrawled dresses, shirts, and heels on crinkled printer paper. After stapling the sheets together, we proudly wrote our names on the

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